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I feel the same way and have been guilted into cakes, but have decided to put my foot down.  No one is crying for you when you're up at all hours working on a cake and sacrificing precious sleep and family time.  I have already turned down a couple of cakes by saying, 'I just don't have the time anymore.'    People accept it and if they don't, well too bad.  They don't really care that you're spending hours and hours on their cake, so why should you care if they're...
Hi, It's MIL's 70th birthday. Dh asked me to make a cake "with a large hen on top and then have four chicks around her (representing her 4 kids), and then 13 mini chicks around those 4 (representing her 13 grandchildren)." She always refers to herself as a mom with four chickies. I was like, "whaa? Yikes" Any idea how I can make this work? I am at a loss on this one. Perhaps a hen made out of RKT? Do I make it tiered? At. A. Loss!
She got a beautiful tiered cake instead of a sheet cake?  And she's upset?  I would have thrown my offset spatula at her.   I'm only a hobbyist, but I always supply cutting directions and disposable gloves with my cakes if I won't be at the party.  People always relax when they have written directions to follow.
Hi,   I want to try out a Mexican Hot Chocolate cupcake (basically just a chocolate cupcake with a little cayenne added).  The recipe pairs it with chocolate ganache, but I'm looking for other ideas.    Suggestions for what frosting flavor would work with this?   Thanks!!
Thanks!! It is fondant - I don't think I described it well in the description. I'm half asleep from staying up late caking! I'll have to edit the description when I get home. One thing that bugs me though is the bow. I thought I'd try something different and put the bow off to the side, but in the pic I think it just looks kind of weird! Some things I only notice afterwards in the pictures - grr!
Hi,   My latest cake (in profile) has a large statement flower on it.  I made yesterday (cake due today) and when I tried to apply the pearl centers last night at 1 a.m., some of the petals broke.  I repaired it but was worried that the same thing would happen this morning when I would attempt to put it on the cake as it probably would not dry it time.   I remembered someone posting about putting fondant figurines in the oven overnight with just the oven light on to...
Thanks for the replies! I don't have a TJ Maxx or Ross near me, but I am 45 mins from Plattsburgh, NY, so perhaps I'll take a trip down if there is one located there. My inlaws are going to visit my SIL in San Francisco, but I'd feel guilty asking them to add a pound's worth of weight to their luggage.
Hi,   I'm in Canada and I bought a 100ml (just under 6 tbsp) bottle of vanilla bean paste at a local market and it cost me $25.  Yes, it's high-quality and tastes amazing, but one bottle will only last me two batches of my SMBC and my hobby caking will send me into bankruptcy at this rate.    Is it sold for less elsewhere?  Where should I look?  The local restaurant supply store doesn't carry it.
Hi,   I've been making cakes for a few years now and I always just eyeball how large my fondant should be while rolling it out, and most of the time I'm spot on - but I have run into trouble a couple of times resulting in a panic when I realize that my fondant is too short on one side..   I know that the new mat has markings to eliminate guesswork, but I have the old mat and have no plans to upgrade.  How do I calculate?  My cakes are always a little taller...
Hi,   I have an unopened bottle of Nomu vanilla bean paste that expired in Oct 2012 - should I toss it or would it still be ok to use?   Thanks!
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