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Hi,   I love bubble tea straws, and am making my friend's wedding cake in August.  I have used them to support up to 8" cakes, but can I use them for larger tier support?  If so, how many should I use?   I usually use 2 or 3 to support a 6" and 4 to support an 8".    Advice/comments?
Hi everyone,   I am making a chess-themed cake for my nephew.  I love the idea of making the chess pieces out of chocolate, but I have never worked with chocolate before.  The cake is due at the end of June, so I have time to experiment.   It will be a 3-tier round cake with chess pieces decorating the tiers and I wanted to put some chocolate chess squares on the top edges of the tiers (they will overhang).   There are so many types of molds (silicone, polycarbonate,...
Ok - bad sketch it is! I agree with her having the cake she wants - my post this morning was written pre-coffee and grouchy. I was even grouchier when I saw how bad my sketch looked!
Hi,   I'm a hobbyist.  I offered to make my friend's wedding cake.  I met with him and his fiancé and she gave me a picture of her dress.  I have incorporated elements of the dress (i.e. draping, ruffle roses) into the cake design.   I am terrible at sketching.  I do have a sketch prepared (for my own use), but I'm afraid that she will get scared and think that the cake will be awful.   I thought about finding examples of the techniques I'm prepared to use, and...
Hi,   I usually bake, freeze, then assemble while the torted layers are still frozen, but I always use either whipped cream or SMBC.  I'm making a cake for tomorrow and I'm planning to fill it with cream cheese icing - can I do this with frozen layers?   Thanks!!
Hi,   I wanted to put a black fondant ribbon that is covered in edible black glitter at the base of each tier I am making.  The tiers are round and white.  This is what I'm planning to do, but I'm not sure if there is another way to minimize glitter fallout:   I will apply the border first, and then wet it with a paintbrush and carefully stick the glitter on using my fingers.  Is this the best way?   I don't want to get it above the border on the white fondant.
Hi, I'm making my friend's 40th birthday cake and I'm making a fondant figurine cake topper of her on top of the cake. I'd love to have her holding a champagne glass, but have no clue as to how to make it look somewhat realistic. I have never worked with isomalt, but would give it a try - can I mold a small glass out of the isomalt or do I have to have a tiny mold (unlikely that I would find it). Suggestions?
Ah!! Thank you!!
Hi,   Yesterday, I used CakeMommy's blackberry filling recipe (which is AMAZING if anyone is looking for a good berry filling recipe).   This was my first berry-filling experience.   I wasn't sure how thick to make the berry filling layer as I was topping the berry filling with a mascarpone filling (which was also divine).  I decided to make the berry layer half as thick as the mascarpone layer.   Anyway, when I cut the cake, I noticed that the berry filling was...
Thanks so much for the replies!!  I took at look at some ideas and I think I'll make a RKT chicken on top of a two tier round cake.  The chickies will go on the ledge and at the bottom and I'll put some flowers on it to make it more feminine and pretty.
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