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There's a shop in Mullica Hill (south of Cherry Hill) that runs classes for all ages and hosts decorating parties for children.  I'm sure they could accommodate you.     The Cake Boutique 115 Swedesboro Rd Mullica Hill, New Jersey 08062   Phone (856) 418-1226 Email Website       if not or it's too far, check with Classic Cakes there in...
They finally set a theme:   ~~And the Theme of the 5th Annual Sugar Arts Competition... “The Bounty of New Jersey” What do you know about NJ? Time to brush up on your knowledge as we challenge you to portray the Bounty of New Jersey in Cake. Here are some examples of the things NJ is famous for - Frank Sinatra The Four Seasons Connie Francis Ricky Nelson Bruce Springsteen Jon Bon Jovi Richie Sambora The Fugees Whitney Houston My Chemical Romance Kool and the Gang Debbie...
I have used both together or just the cream cheese alone
I use regular cream cheese in my cannoli filling. It's sturdier.  I use the recipe for cannoli dip.  marscapone cheese too
the tiny tiny hearts are sprinkles you buy. same with the pearls.  the envelope, bows, inset larger hearts can be made ahead of time.  the lacy ruffle should probably be made day of, like the topping cap. why not pick 2 or 3 of these and just do them in alternating colors, or something more original?  small roses would go with the theme.
you can make all the attachments ahead of time.  I store mine in plastic containers (Chinese takeout type) on wax paper dusted with corn starch, even layering them.  Do NOT refrigerate.  when you go to use them, use a stiff dry paint brush to dust them off and then apply with a dab of water, royal icing or icing.  The toppers you'll have to make that day so they are pliable to cover the cupcakes nicely.  I have fondant features made for cakes months in advance.  If, when...
Yes. I was just going to post!  no word on theme.  that is a busy time (for me) with weddings, birthdays, and graduations, Plus it's warm! I'm still going to participate! Can't wait
I did inquire on the website and they said they are scouting for a location and to stay tuned.  I guess it won't be late winter this year.  if I hear anything further I'll post.
that's what I did using a chocolate box cake and the wasc add-ins.  Used Guinness as the 1 cup liquid.  you really can't taste it too much though
I use this recipe for every flavor filling I use in cakes. Limited by only the pudding flavors available.  Spiced pumpkin is out now.  I've made cheesecake pudding flavored 'mousse' filling, and white chocolate, cookies & cream, chocolate, and vanilla.  With the vanilla I mix some mascarpone cheese in to.  Always the INSTANT pudding mix, always the large box, always with heavy cream (not 'whipping' cream) and 1/4 cup of flavored half & half
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