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Thanks. I'm thinking of entering a couple of contests and I've never done a dummy before.
Thanks! Good to know about the press n seal. So, just using the crusts well?
For those who decorate dummy cakes with buttercream, what recipe do you use? My usual bc is somewhat expensive and obviously this is not to be consumed so what's a good workable bc to use?
Yes, I've read quite a few times on here certain decorators who make a point to say they refuse to do sheet cakes like it was somehow beneath their abilities.  Perhaps they didn't mean it that way, but it always sounds like that.  I just think Corrie76 shows that you can elevate the humble sheet cake into a work of art!
 I just want to point out the incredible display by Corrie76 (CorrieCakes) on today's most saved listings  Most of the saved favs are sheet cakes and ALL are incredible displays of creative talent!  Bravo Corrie76!  I have envied your talent for some time.  Wish I had a sheet cake to decorate now--with you to guide me!
Anything can melt if it's in a hot enough environment.  But if it's in an air conditioned room and not directly in the sun there should be no problem.  I've used fondant, gum paste and modeling chocolate before and based on my experiences with each--- for this cake I would use fondant.  And I wouldn't have to take the flowers off if I did before cutting.  You don't have to with fondant.  Even when it's dry you can still cut through it.  Gum paste, yes you'd have to take...
I always use fondant decor on my bc and have never had a problem with melting. I usually attach with more bc. I would avoid using gum paste in this case. Yes it dries light and lovely but it also dries very hard. It might be very difficult to cut without taking them all off. I would use fondant pieces that have semi-dried so they can be molded to fit closely together. Modeling chocolate would work, but if you've never worked with it, it might be a bit more of a...
Maybe I'm not understanding the problem, but gum paste (or even BC) roses are very light.  And if you have enough space between the tiers I don't know why you just can't adhere them with buttercream or RI.  They're just going to be sitting on there, right?  If your buttercream is crusted...and even if it isn't...they shouldn't crush the cake!  Like I said, maybe I'm not understanding...
I just made a big order from them with no problem. You put the free shipping code in the space that allows for coupons and gift certificates and it will apply at checkout. I used PayPal. Oh.. And the code is FREESHIPPING
Not seeing the cocoa in here. How much do you use?
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