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I said I would post a picture of the Wedding cake, here it is. I rebaked the eggless cake and really glad I did. It turned out greatYou will notice the cake beside it was the results of my very first attempt at a Topsy Turvy. This wedding cake is the one I was doing the practices for.The bride was very happy. I delivered it 2 x 2 and had to do all the decorating once I got it to the Venue. The wedding was at 2:30 and the reception was at 6:00 so there was all kinds of...
I took today and Friday off so I can work on this cake. I decided to rebake these cakes today and I feel so much better about them now.I will post pictures of the cake when I get it done. I am really nervous about this since it is a topsy turvy and I don't need anything else messing it up especially since it is for a friend of my daughter (she was in her wedding 3 years ago).
I have been using them for quite some time. I am currently making a wedding cake for this weekend and I used the flower nails in conjunction with the bands. I can't believe the difference in how the top bakes with the flower nails also.
If you would like to go to the wedding you could always offer to help serve the cake since you will be making it.
I always put the batter in the paper liners with the foil one on the outside. You can bake them without a pan if you use the foil. If the foil liners are still in good shape, I then use the foil liners later without the paper liners.......get more for you money that way.
I came home from work tonight and leveled the cakes. After tasting the trimmings, it tasted just fine. My husband thought so also. I guess I won't have to make a number four after all. Thanks for the comments and help everyone.
I added more flour to the batch and pudding mix as well. When I tasted the batter it tasted pretty good so I went ahead and baked it. Actually this is the third try on this recipe. The first one didn't seem done (I froze it anyway just in case) so I decided to do a second round. The second round I forgot to add the flavoring, and you all know about the third. The third round had one of the pans run over in the oven even though I had a collar on the pan, it pushed the...
Last night I baked 3 layers of Eggless "Crazy" Chocolate Cake for a wedding that I have due on Sunday. In the middle of the night I woke up and realized that I forgot to add the flavoring to the batter.Tonight I was measuring out the ingredients so I could rebake them. I was measuring the baking soda and measured out 9 tablespoons (triple recipe). After I got it measured and into the dry ingredients bowl I realized that I had read the measurement from the ingredient on...
You are very welcome. Glad I could help. I look forward to seeing your pictures.
After you get the wire inserted into the gumpaste "log roll" using a fondant smoother to smooth it out then gently bend it into the curve you need for the handle shape. Insert the toothpicks in the end and allow it to dry.
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