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I assume you will be suppling a cake box for her to store it in. I put it in the freezer (in the box) and freeze it. Then I remove it from the box and wrap it twice in plastic wrap and then twice in foil. I then return it to the freezer. I did this for my daughter's cake and she said it was just as good as the day she got married. If you want to be even more protected, you could wrap the box in plastic wrap before putting it back in the freezer.
Occthur,I made the mousse last night and I have just one word for it.......AmazingIt is just delicious. I may have to experiment with it for other flavors as well. Thank you so much for the recipes.I have the cake stacked and in the freezer right now to firm up so I can sculpt it.Will post pictures later.
Thanks, after it cooling, tonight it is not quite so heavy. My husband absolutely loves it. This weekend it will be turned into a school bus.Thank you for the mousse recipe also.
I made this last night but it seems really heavy, almost like it's not done but it is. Do you happen to have the oil and water quantities switched around? Thanks.
Occther--thank you for the Strawberry Cake recipe. I am baking it right now. If it tastes half as good baked as it does raw it will be wonderful.Would you mind sharing your strawberry mousse recipe also?Thanks
Thanks Jan.I acutally bought the extract at the same time I bought the jam. I guess I will just go with my original idea and use the extract.Do you have any suggestions for the filling? Can I use sliced fresh strawberries, and if so how, do I layer them with the buttercream icing or another way.
My daughter (yes, she is the one I made the identical fake/real cakes for earlier in the month) called last night and ordered a cake for her Mother-In-Law for the end of the month. She wants the cake to be in the shape of a School Bus and be made with Strawberry cake. I wasn't able to find a strawberry mix from the brand I use (BC) tonight so I bought a jar of Strawberry Jam to add to a white cake mix. Can anybody tell me how much jam to add to the box mix and what...
The time has come..............drum roll please!!!Thanks for playing.Number 1 is the fake. You guys are just to good!
I have been laughing through all 6 pages of this. This brings back a memory when my younger sister babysat for one of my kids when they were very young. Her daughter and a friend wanted an apple so my sister took the apple and cut it in half and gave each one a half of the apple. My neice looked at the friend and promptly stated, "Haha, my piece is bigger than yours!" My sister turned, looked at her, took her piece of apple, chopped it in half and gave her the now...
I would have to say my KA (it has to be at least 25 years old), the corian turntable my husband made me, and my spatulas (stright and angled), I am sure there are others, but these are the top of the list.
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