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This is gorgeous. I agree with IndyDebi, a great centerpiece also. A tutorial on making this would be great.
One to check out is countrykitchensa dot com (The Country Kitchen SweetArt from Fort Wayne, Indiana...about 4 hours from Chicago..One hour from me..I have shopped there many times) and another would be wilton dot com (in Woodbridge, Illinois....close to Chicago).
Collette, never cared for Martha...too phony and for many of the reasons stated above.
Must not be everywhere. I got some tonight for 98 cents. That was a great buy, I'm afraid it would have been a full cart for me as well at that price. Good thing it wasn't on sell here, don't have the space to store all that mix.
My daughter and son-in-law have chickens and they keep me supplied in eggs. They don't have roosters but I still refuse to use the eggs in my cakes, just don't want to take a chance that I will have to many with blood and not have enough to make a cake. My husband uses them for his breakfast though. I still always crack the eggs into a seperate dish before putting them in my batter, store bought or not.
Our woodworkers club is having a carry-in dinner during our December metting and I am signed up to take a cake. My husband thinks that I should take a cake that looks like a TABLE SAW. Any suggestions......
Which long Wilton Leveler are you talking about, the new folding one, or the older non-folding one?My sister has the old type and I have used it several times and have not had a problem using it IF you make sure the blade on it is straight and not tilted slightly. The folding version I always have trouble getting a straight cut with it. I DON'T like it at all. I will probably be returning it.
When I needed a "dummy" cake, I went to Menard's and bought a sheet of styrofoam insulation in the building department. It is 2" thick and 4' X 8' so my husband cuts 2 pieces the size that I need for the finished cake and I tape them together with 4" clear packing tape. Once they are iced and decorated you cannot tell they are made with styrofoam insulation. You can get several different sizes from one sheet and it saves a lot of money. I even made one for my...
My husbands birthday is next week and he recently found out that he has type 2 diabetes. He would like to have a lemon, orange or key lime cake for his birthday. Does anybody have any recipes that they have tried and like? I would really like to be able to make him a birthday cake that he can eat.TIA
I will try this again...didn't work first time.I made a bus cake a while back. To get the "road" under it I covered a board with green fondant and then put a strip of black fondant (start with chocolate fondant and add black to it) down the center of the green fondant. Down the middle of the black fondant I placed narrow strip of yellow fondant to. To get the "grass" tuffs you can use a tip #233 in various locations around the "road".Attached is a link to my bus...
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