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I use the Nicholas Lodge recipe and like it a lot.
I was finally able to get some Bettercreme this week. I have been wanting to try it for some time. I made some lemon curd this week for a lemon cake I was making for my daughter-in-laws Mom that was in the last stages of brain cancer, she had tasted my lemon cake earlier and said it was the only thing she could actually taste so I wanted to make her another one when she turned bad. Unfortunatly, I didnt' get it made before she passed so I made it and took it to the...
I actually have some in front of me right now. It is called "Ideal Low Calorie Sweetener Confectionery". The ingredient list is "Xylitol, Maltodextrin, corn starch and Less than 0.05% sucralose for added sweetness". It states on the bag that it measures cup for cup like powdered sugar and is suitable for people with diabetes, "Frost without Sugar". Distributed by Heartland Sweeteners in Carmel, IN. It is also Gluten Free. Comes in a resealable 16 oz. white with...
To me, it sounds like the legs were to short and and the weight of the upper cake slightly crushed the lower. Make sure all the legs are cut to the height of the bottom cake.
The last time I made this cake, I use Candy Melts to secure the turrets to the dowel rods. Then I inserted them into the cake and used buttercream to hide any unsightly marks. I also used the candy melts to secure them to the cake board. That stuff dries really hard and works a lot better then using just buttercream like I did on the first one I made. I had problems with the turrets wanting to fall on the first during delivery, but not the second. You just have to...
You can also take Wilton classes at Hobby Lobby or Micheals. They aren't like the Wilton School in Chicago, but they are good place to start.
Use a crusting buttercream, let it crust slightly, and use Viva papertowel and your hand or a fondant smoother to smooth the buttercream. This is the only method that I use to get smooth buttercream, I can't get a smooth surface with any other method.
I needed to make a poinsetta the other day and my gumpaste had pieces that was rock hard. I put it in the microwave for a few seconds and then kneaded it really well with shortening on my hand. It turned out great.This is the cake.
I use the homemade cake release as well. I also put parchment paper on the bottom and around the sides if I put extra batter in the pan.
First off, I would request a photo of the cake and from that determine what kind of a refund would be appropriate, if any.
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