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The size tiers that you mentioned will serve approximately 102, if the top tier is not saved for the first anniversary. In order to get the servings you mentioned with just 3 tiers you will need an 8, 12, 16 and that will serve approximately 181.
When my husband was a self-employed carpenter, I used Peachtree Accounting. I liked it pretty well, but I think Cake Boss is supposed to do about the same thing for you.
I read this post quite some time ago but never tried it (actually forgot about it) until last week when I had to make a basketweave cake. I made the plugs up and when I needed to change them out it was so easy. Just pull out the used one and put in a fresh one. No more air in the bag from putting a refill of icing in it. This is just great. This will be my new standard. I may have to give this a try for RI flowers as well.Thank you so much for the tip and the great...
I hate opening those as well. I usually have to use my teeth to get them open which I don't like to do because of sanitary reasons. I love the idea of the bottle opener. Seems so simple now that you mentioned it. Thanks for the idea.
My DH bought me an airbrush (a super nice one that came with 24 airbrush colors and 2 airbrushes) and a macro lens for me for Christmas. I still have to figure out the airbrush. I recently worked over 80 hours of overtime and decided I was going to treat myself because I have a lot of trouble leveling my cakes. So I sent for the Agbay. I literally sliced a perfect 1/4 inch slice of cake off the top of a cake I made just to try it out. I have a funny feeling it is...
It is supposed to arrive tomorrow. I can hardly wait. I may just have to bake a cake just so I can level it.............
I would wrap each cupcake in press-n-seal and freeze, than place them in a single layer in a zip-lock baggie once they are frozen. For the cookie dough, I would freeze in drops the size of cookie you want to make and then place them in a zip-lock baggie as well. Then you just remove from freezer and bake.
= agbay I decided that if I can work the equivalent of 4 weeks in two then I can surely buy me an agbay cake leveler. I just sent for a paypal invoice tonight. Now I will be on pins and needles until they respond and it arrives.
This is a link to a wedding cake I made with fondant pearl swags. I used the mold for these and had no problem with the excess fondant from the mold. Just make sure to clean as much excess from the mold and turn the seam to the back (or down) as much as possible.
I agree with Joycesdaughter, just a very small amount of the Wilton color is needed, if it turns orange then to much was used.
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