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I don't see why not. You have to have support with each tier not matter if it is fondant or buttercream. You could do the tier separation with dummies covered with the ribbon and have dowels or bubble tea straws supporting each dummy/tier and you could still get a dowel through the middle also. If I have totally missed something on this and am totally wrong though someone more experienced please chime in.
If it was a pretty clean crack/break, I would say you will be fine using it. Put it on a cake board that is cut in the basic shape you need and then slide the two pieces together with a small amount of buttercream to seal the two together. Put it back in the freezer for a short time and then try carving it.
I like Across the Cake Board
The first one I made for practice (actually both I have made are practice) slid on me even though I had a support in it. The second one I made was AFTER I got Sharon Zambito's Totally Topsy Turvy DVD.I highly recommend getting this DVD, you won't be sorry. It helped me a lot and mine was buttercream/ganache.
I did one that was for around 200 servings but it was 3 tiers plus 2 satellite cakes on the side. This is a link to my photo gallery picture of it.
I only use the Sams brand PS. I have never noticed a problem with it. The last time I used it I used Sharon Z's recipe and used the whole 7 lb bag straight from the bag without sifting it (in my new Cuisinart 7 qt mixer) and just loved it. My customers rave about my icing.
Okay, that's weird. It posted that five times and the other one only once. Sorry.
A friend of my daughter is getting married this summer and wants me to make her wedding cake but wants a topsy turvy. Since I have never made one I decided I better make a practice one. This is how it turned out much to my dismay (topsy disaster). Then I bought Sharon's Topsy Turvy video and I made this one for the Super Bowl Party.All I can say is.............GREAT VIDEO. I even covered it in Buttercream with a Ganache crumb coat instead of fondant.I highly recommend...
Thanks for your comments. I know I read that you need to use a different ratio with milk and white chocolate, but I didn't remember it until after I had made it. I will get some other chocolate to add to it.
I made some milk chocolate ganache a couple days ago using Sharon Z's recipe except it is made with milk chocolate chips (all I had on hand) instead of semi sweet. I doesn't seem to want to get firm, it is always peanut butter consistency. I am afraid that if I put it on the side of a cake it wont't firm up, can I add a package of semi sweet to get it to more of a firm consistency?According to the Sharon's DVD you don't need to refrigerate it but since it is always so...
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