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I always mix 3 at a time. I put in the eggs, water, oil and sour cream. Mix this well on low speed just to break the eggs. Then I add the cake mixes (one at a time) to which I have added one box of instant pudding to each bag while the mixer is running on low. Once all bags of mix has been added, I turn the mixer up to medium and time it for 2 minutes. Never a mess just well mixed cake batter.
I actually found my copy and put them in my laptop for future use since they are no longer available online. If you send me your email address I will send them to you.
I made a wedding cake that was buttercream iced but required a ribbon for the border of each tier. I used a fondant "ribbon" and it worked out great.Here is a link to the cake in my photos.
I recently got an order for a 4-tier Topsy Turvy wedding cake, July 1 event. I have a question about delivery. I am afraid that 4 tiers will be to heavy to carry assembled so I was thinking that I should deliver 2 by 2. How difficult will it be to deliver and assemble a topsy turvy cake on site? Also, the bride's little girl is allergic to eggs. She said she doesn't usually eat cake but she would like her to have the option if she so desires so she has asked me if I...
You can spread a very thin layer of shortening on the fondant to absorb the powdered sugar. It will be shiny but the fondant will absorb it and it will disappear.If you have a clothes steamer you can also use that to get rid of the extra powdered sugar.
White Chocolate Sour Cream Cake, Buttercream over Chocolate Ganache with Satin Ice Fondant.
It will be fine, just make sure the RI is very dry first.
I found my printed copy!!!!!!! It was from The Magic Cupboard like I thought. I guess I will have to guard this copy with my life since she took it off her page.Thanks everyone.
I am pretty sure it was that one but like you said, it is no longer available. Does anybody have a copy of it they are will to send me?
About a year ago I made a diaper bag cake using a tutorial that I found online. I can't remember where I found it but I thought I saved it and can't find it now,I have changed laptops twice since making the cake. I know it was made using 2 10" square cakes. It also had a bottle, keys, booties and a pacifier on it. If anyone has a copy of these directions, I would really appreciate getting a copy of it. I need to make another one of these cakes in the next couple of...
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