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On the topsy turvy that I made, I carved a 2" difference top to bottom.  With a 6" cake you only carve an inch and half difference to maintain the stability of the cake.      To maintain the correct dimensions use a two inch smaller cake board for the bottom and use them as guides.  Such as for an 8" diameter cake use an 8" cake board on top and a 6" cake board centered on the bottom.  Carve the difference away with the bottom board up then turn over when you are...
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Try adding a small amount of violet color and that turn it more white.  Sounds strange but it works.
This is great but I bet my daughter would dis-own me forever if I sent this to her as April fools.   I made her a cake for her birthday a couple years ago and delivered it to her at work.  She spent at several minutes trying to cut it before figuring out it was fake (foam weighted with sand).  She was really upset because she was looking forward to the cake, that is until a co-worker finally brought in the "real" thing.  This was payback for her tricking me into...
I use the icing plug exclusively when I pipe.  Any left over icing can be placed in a baggie, sealed and placed in the freezer until you need it again.  Love this method.
I have had so many requests for this since Helipops took the instructions down.  I think I have had at least 20 to 30 emails for this.   As I don't want to set on any ones toes, If a moderator will give permission, I will post links to the instructions here so everyone can have quick access to them.  I also have a diagram that I made in paint on how to assemble the cake since I am not able to include the original pictures with the instruction...
I have been thinking of getting one for my KA but I use the mixer in the kitchen and do my decorations (flowers, etc) at the dining room table and I don't think it would be that productive for me to have it on the mixer.  I am considering getting one that I can have on the table or counter behind me.
Use equal parts of creamer and boiling water (e.g 1/2 cup creamer and 1/2 cup water).  The hotter the water the better the creamer blends and dissolves.   I used Sweetex Hi-Ration shortening on this recipe the other day and I have to say the icing was so much smoother than it was with the hi-ratio I purchased from Country Kitchen.   Crisco would work but I think you will be surprised the difference that hi-ratio will make.
I bought my steamer from Sears.  It was less than $40.   It works great and I use it for all my gumpaste flowers or anything I need to steam.
Yes, I agree with three.
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