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No, a 12 x 18 cake pan is 2" deep.
I always put one cup of Sour Cream, 4 egg white and 1/3 cup of oil in each box of cake mix.  I use BC and when I used a different brand that didn't contain pudding for my parent's anniversary cake it was really dry.  I don't think I would change from BC again or at least add a box of instant pudding also.   I get rave reviews about the moistness of my cakes.
I have to apologize  to everyone that has requested the instructions for the Diaper Bag cake.  I have not been on the site for quite some time.   I have sent out several messages with the instructions.  If I missed anybody please let me know.   Myra
Hi everyone,   I am giving a baby shower for my daughter next weekend and am wanting to make a diaper bag cake for the shower.   The nursery is decorated with a western theme and I was wanting to decorate the cake with the same theme but I am having trouble coming up with ideas.  I was thinking about putting a saddle on the top of the cake as if the blanket was the "flap" for the bag.  I have no idea as to how to model a saddle.  I would also like to make a pair...
I love my Agbay.  I consider it the most useful and money well spent tool, even though I use it for the shortest time on each cake I make.  I bought the single blade but I can upgrade it to the double blade later.
It says:   Everything always goes to pot after 40   Relax I'm only here for the cake.
I made my birthday cake a couple years back, of course at the time I didn't know it was MY birthday cake.  My daughter called my husband saying that she wanted to have a surprise birthday party for me because of all the help we had given her and her now hubby when they were getting married.  She wasn't sure how to pull of getting me to make the cake but me not finding out it was for me.  He told her to order it a couple weeks in advance and say it was for a friend at...
A doctored cake mix will hold up fine.  I use them for every cake I make, including the one I posted tonight "over the hill", and the cake in my avatar photo.  Just make sure you have sufficient supports between the tiers (cakes)
Delivered the cake tonight, client was extremely happy with it.  Birthday boy thought it was just great.   Have a peek.............    
These are going to be the decorations.  I was quite surprised and please at how they both turned out.       and     
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