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Thank you all for your responses and links that you shared. It's been interesting to read up on this subject.
Since Exit 6 says they have already stopped using the name, my guess would be that Starbucks will drop it.
Costumeczar, does that mean that if another coffee company came along and started selling mass amounts of Frappuccinos, Starbucks could lose in a legal battle against them if they had not pursued action against the brewery? 
I think you may be right about that. It is very easy to search the internet for offending businesses. Even though the brewery's response was written in a "stick-it-to-the-man" tone, they did say they would stop using the name, so they did comply with the request to cease and desist.
Have you read Exit 6 Pub's response to the Cease and Desist letter it received from Starbucks? My husband and I had a good laugh over it. I would like to know if Starbucks is going to continue to pursue this. I think the pub is probably going to end up with increased business after this fiasco and the publicity. Thoughts?
You can use gum paste or fondant, or a mixture of both. Gum paste dries faster, but I always use fondant just because I usually have it on hand or can make a quick batch. I would roll out a thin sheet of fondant, cut a pattern of the crest out of paper, place that on top and cut around it with a sharp knife. Then I would place the fondant cutout onto something round that mimics the roundness of the cake it will be placed on. (something like an oatmeal container). That way,...
Awesome! Do you have pics? I'd love to see them.
Ooh, I like the tiered idea!
The chocolate version of the WASC holds up well under fondant. Everyone has liked it when I've made it. You start with a chocolate cake mix and add flour, sugar, eggs, sour cream, a liquid, and flavoring. It's sturdy enough to carve and the recipe is reliable. Just make sure not to over mix it. can use any flavor of cake mix as the base.) Is there such as thing as too much chocolate?
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