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The only brand of shortening, other than hi ratio, that I have been able to find in my area that still has the full 2.5 grams of transfat per serving is IGA brand.
Do you have access to a tradition two beater stand type mixer?  I make all my icing in a large 20 quart mixer, but as I need a portion to use, I remix it on low speed in a traditional two beater stand will smooth out your icing so that it's as smooth as silk!
I have not had this issue...and I don't know which lace mix you used....I use Sugar Dress with no issues.  I usually just layer mine between paper towels on a sheet pan with a plastic lid....I have some in the storage room right now that was made in April and it's still perfectly usable.  I'd let it dry when you remove it from the mat a few minutes on both sides before storing.
Probably 2 or 3 max on whole eggs.  If you really want a yellow cake, use only yolks...about 5-6.
No...use the SHINY side against your icing....I can't imagine it usually release super cleanly for me...that's why I abandoned the parchment paper in favor of it several years ago. Maybe you cake isn't cold enough...I ice my layers frozen, then allow them to sit in the cooler about an hour before peeling the paper off.
Ahh...give it a try at least...flipping cakes really isn't a big deal...I never give it a second thought!
I agree Leah...and to address some of the concerns people are posting that ML pans are more expensive....some of my ML pans are over 30 years old now and I still use them all the time and they perform just as well as they did way back then!
Personally...I bought a couple of their pans.  They are very heavy and nicely only problem with them is that my cakes bake with a very darkly browned crusts...this doesn't happen with my Magic Line pans....I not longer use the FD pans......
Are you referring to the  Pearl Band Mold by Karen Davies ?  I saw that one...but it's not the one....the one I saw only had 4 rows of pearls instead of six as in this one and the pearls were very smooth edged.  But thanks for the suggestion....maybe someone else has seen the one I am looking for.
I could kick myself...thought I booked marked this but apparently didn't.  I am looking for a silicone bead border mold.   The one I saw looked like a band of about 4 rows of beads stacked on top of each other.   The mold was yellow or green in color I believe, and the ends were staggered instead of straight so that the sections join together and look continuous.   Any ideas where I saw this?
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