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I am wanting to make cake balls but the last time I made them, I coated them with Candy Melts. The thing I did not like was the flavor and the waxy feeling they had. I know if I melt just chocolate chips and dip them in, the chocolate will not set up as well. Would it be possible to melt the Candy Melts with some chocolate chips so that I get them to set-up good but also get the good taste from the chocolate?
I have heard that instead of mixing frosting with cake to make cake balls, some people mix liquid coffee creamer. Does anyone know where I would find information on this? I did a search but didn't come up with anything. Maybe I am looking in the wrong place
I have alot of cookies to make for a Christmas open house at a homeless shelter. I am wanting to get them made ahead of time, if I can. I am going to be making the No Fail Sugar Cookies and outlining and flooding them with RI. Can I decorate them first and then freeze them or does RI not freeze well? How about rolled buttercream?
What is the proper way of getting the cake out of the pan after freezing it? It seems to me that it would stick to the pan even after thawing.
I made a chocolate cake that was in Confetti Cakes for Kids book. When I tasted it right from the oven, it was dynamite. I covered it with plastic wrap and when I tasted it the next day, it was so dry that all it did was crumble to pieces. I was shocked because this recipe is supposed to be the one they use in their bakery. It called for 8 oz of sour cream and I was sure that it was going to be moist because of that. What causes a cake to be dry? What helps to make a...
I am making a cake that is going to have palm trees in it. I am going to use large pretzel rods for the trunks but I'm not sure what to make the leaves out of. I tried cutting them out of fondant and letting them air dry until they are hard. They look terrific but they are falling apart when I move them. Anyone have any suggestions?
I am making a cake with dinosaurs and a volcano for my grandson's birthday. I thought it would be great to make the volcano erupt but I have no idea how to do that. Any suggestions?
I just heard about the imprint mats that can be used on buttercream cakes. Are there any online videos that show how to use them?
I had heard some people say that they just stick the flower stems in the cake and others say not to do that since chemicals can come out of the stems and into the cake.
I heard that using royal icing to attach them, the icing would interact with the fat in the buttercream icing and they would fall off. Anyone heard anything like that?
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