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I bought too much sour cream and plain non-fat yogurt when it was on sale. I use half of each in my WASC recipes. I have heard that they both will separate after frozen and then thawed but would that affect my WASC cake if I used them that way?
I bought a 50 lb box of high ratio shortening and have about half of it left. I am going to be making quite a lot of cookies for a bazaar coming up and wanted to know if I can use this in place of the shortening in my cookie recipes. I hate to go out and buy other shortening when I have so much of the high ratio but I want the cookies to turn out good.
I was just asked if I could ship cake pops to another state. I am thinking that cake pops would not ship well but maybe cake balls would but I have no idea how to package them. Anyone ever do this?
Well, first she told me she only needed about 25 servings so I was thinking a two-tier. Then she said she wanted a three tier so I figured for the smallest amount of servings, I would do an 8". 6" and a 4". I don't want to keep adding to the number of servings and she doesn't want to pay for a dummy tier so I don't know what else to do to make it look bigger. Just wondering how the 8.6. and 4 would look for a wedding cake. I have done birthday cakes with those sizes...
For a small wedding coming up, I was going to go with 8",6" and 4" tiers but not sure if that would look right with them being 2" different in sizes. Most wedding cake pics I have seen, the cake sizes seem larger than 2".
I am going to have a booth at a local event in November. I am going to be selling mainly cupcakes but I am not sure how to package them to sell individually. This will be an outside event where people will be walking around so I am thinking that people will buy one at a time and eat them as soon as they buy them. Any ideas? I also am not sure how to transport them to the venue without them getting all messed up.
I put each of my cakes on their own cardboard circle before stacking them or putting them on the foamcore board I use for the base. I have been covering the cardboards with Press n Seal but it seems to be a very unprofessional way to do it. Now that my business is picking up and I am selling alot more cakes, I was wondering what other way there is to cover them. What do professionals use? I know they make waxed cake circles that are only waxed on one side but not sure...
I have seen alot of pictures of basket cakes with handles but not sure how the handle is made. If it is gumpaste, it seems like there would be alot of pressure on it once it is on the cake and it would possibly break in the center. I thought about using a metal coat hanger and cover it with gumpaste. What is the best way to do it?
I made modeling chocolate for the first time the other day and have a few question. I made it with vanilla almond bark and corn syrup. After kneading it and letting it sit for a day, it still seemed kind of soft. I thought maybe the white almond bark might be less stiff than the chocolate. I put it in the fridge and it set up very stiff but now I'm concerned that when I take it out and start kneading it, it will get too soft again. I am wanting to make things such as...
I just made vanilla SMBC. OMG! It is delicious! It was not as difficult to make as I thought it would be. I have seen pictures of this used to frost cakes and the cakes look very white. I was very surprised that mine turned out almost a light yellow color. How do people get it to look really white with all the butter and regular vanilla in it?
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