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I always use this recipe, it is great but just keep in mind NOT to use all the icing sugar in case the egg whites you have are from smaller eggs. Too much sugar will harden your gumpaste. You can always knead in more after you have added the tylose. Edna dela cruz also has a great tutorial on you tube.   hth.   Gumpaste with tylose: makes approximately 1 pound of gumpaste. 2 - Large Egg Whites 1 lb sifted icing...
 If you work with chocolate often there is a great class on craftsy called intro to modelling chocolate, it's worth taking it, they do have it on sale sometimes.
I think it looks like magnolias. Here's a youtube tutorial if you like. You don't have to have special cutters for them, I have used my rose cutters and they came out great.
There are a couple of recipes at this link I personally would not use shellac on cookies even though it is used on gumpaste art, it doesn't even wash off brushes.
Use a needle with a bright long thread. This is a lesson to be learnt for all of us.I hope you find the pin somewhere else other than the cake.
If you like to give it a try without having to buy expensive cutters check out my tutorial, those cutters have worked for me.
I wonder if a doily would work.?
LizzieAylett is right, if you put the buttercream in the bowl and as long as the beater is totally immersed in the cream it will whip smooth and no bubbles. I also read somewhere that if run the cream in a food processor it will smoothen out but i have not tested out this theory.
Beautiful cake.
Cherimoya, yumm I loooove them, the last time I visited my mum I ate so many but I didn't know the seed was poisonous.She has so many trees, that almost every day there was more than basketfuls picked until the end of season.sorry getting side tracked here, down memory lane.
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