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Tutorial is available from the site below in South Africa
Here's  a couple of sites, I haven't ordered from them though.
Allow the gumpaste to come to room temperature. Then take the amount you are going to be using   and knead it with slightly greased fingertips. As you knead it will become pliable like chewing gum, color at this point. Here's a good tutorial by Edna de la cruz
Here is an interesting way Ben Israel uses the brides lace and runs it through a pasta machine with fondant to imprint and then cuts out shapes. 
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Looks like Marina Sousa's cutters from
Marina Sousa on in her Jewelled Wedding cake segment has a lesson on making the pedestal cake stand, covered with fondant and strong and sturdy. The class is well worth(at times 50% off for only $20). You can see the stand  by checking out her QUICK LOOK on the lesson.
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 Sorry, I think there will be a problem viewing this, the website is www.*********.com but when I go to the site I can't find this particular tutorial. I came across it in the newsletter from American cake decorating.
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