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Here in Sweden we use whipped cream a lot under marzipan and fondant - BUT:We keep the cakes refridgerated ( and have a cold climate to begin with)It does not produce a smooth or stable surface for stackning or decoration - but it tastes real good The fondant will likely start to soften and even fall apart if you dont use a coating of Pam or such on the side touching the cream as a barrier. MMF on the other hand contains so much gelatine it will not be affected in hte same...
I also have a subscription for this magazine. I especially love the flower tutorials. The cakes are bit to simple and naive for my taste but I've still picked up a few interesting techniques from it.
What is the maximum heigth you would recommend for a single tier cake? The cake layers will be less than half an inch and the filling same thickness. 9 inches diameter for the cake Could I make it as high as 6 inches or even more?
I just took a brushed embroidery class this weekend and we added piping gel to the RI to make it softer and not dry to quick. I found it really easy to work with and you can also let it dry and then add another layer if you need
I watched this video before covering my first square cakes ( that are not that good but ok )
I always rub som Crisco on my hands and then roll - it makes a smooth surface for me at least.
I actually cover my RKT with a layer of almond paste/marzipan because you can mold and smooth the object before applying the fondant.
I have the same problem but it appears to be when I put on the fondant - it seems to weigh down on the corners so they slope. So I try to build up the corners and let the crumb coating firm up well in the fridge. When covered I use my smoothers to form/push the corners in to right shape - but I'm still not happy with my corners....
I always refridgerate all my cakes so I would advise you to keep it in the fridge as long as possible. My gumpaste decorations has not been affected by refridgeration - but I have a very dry environment i my fridge.
Well me too Sounds like almost everyone is self-taughtI have a small business on the side but work a full time day job as well. Started doing cakes a year ago and don't have that much time to cake at the moment. I've learned a lot from my fellow cakers in a swedish forum and here on CC and on Youtube.
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