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Hola,jemchina!  encontre estos dos enlaces, espero que te sean de ayuda. en este enlace, si miras a uno de los extremos en donde dice categorias y cliqueas alli encontraras mas videos de figuras.   tambien puedes ir a google y buscar bajo    porcelana fria tutoriales  y te aparecera mas enlaces .   Ojala y esto te sea de...
son "ruffle flowers"     si quieres hacerlos mas tupidos le vas agregando  mas petalos ( o sea circulos)   Suerte!   Ciao!
gumpaste and use of an edible image.   See how the fifty is falling of the barrel?  well yours would be "swoosh" like.   If that is not of help, you could google " money cake "  under images in google.     More links              on this one click on the two suitcases with...
I think I have seen them at the dollar store.  I think it  is use to weight down the balloons.   Good luck!   Ciao!
Hola neida! Aqui usa piping gel Aqui de otro modo. Aqui usan papel de arroz para calcar la imagen y al recortarla se pone directamente en el pastel.   Te envio tres  enlaces, espero que alguno te ayude o por lo menos te den...
Hi lorabell, I hope this link helps you! Good luck     Ciao!
I hope that this link helps you. luck! Ciao!
Why do you think it is so difficult?? I also got hurt by trying to open one little canister.I used a knife I got impatient! Now I ask the lady that sells it to me to open it! I do not shop on line I do not know how to nor like it. Ciao!
I am posting this just in case somebody needs it !I just found it.!
It is kind of late, but I just found this and I remember someone asking for it.Maybe you can use it for next time!!
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