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Hello, fondantslinger! Your cake is gorgeous!! Thank you for all the input! I know I can do this and I want to do it!!! It’s just that the word “wedding” is what is bothering me, big time!  I do not want to fail them; they really are counting on me. My making it, is my gift. Yes, I agree with both of you,  I need to relax. I will start with the smallest one, that will give me some confidence. I will decorate at my house and stack at her place. Ribbons will be at bottom of...
Good morning, shannonann!  Thank you, you are a life saver, never thought of the WIND!!!  I have never use royal icing    , might have to start now to adhere tiers . I  am thinking now of making one of the tiers real , would this help against the wind?  Shannonann , I also did not realize I am stress,  I better relax.  Will make impression immediately. I am counting with Wilton’s new mold for the swirls. Do not trust my piping. Thank you for   answering!! CIAO, Soledad
CC friends, I am in big trouble!!!! I need your help, PLEASE! I am a hobby baker, I have never made a wedding cake, much less a dummy cake! I have always wanted to make one, but did not have the guts! Now I got into the middle of a wedding party and in charge of making the wedding cake!!!I never offer to make it, I do not know how I got into it, please do not ask, because I do not know!! This is the cake my friend's son wants, for June 21st. and here is also the dummy...
At Least $3.00 each, and I would use a  TIARA transfer. see following link 
Thank you all for the tips!!!
Enjoy!   I know it will be very helpful.
I hope that the following links will help you, they are great for anyone, specially beginners! The first link is from a very special CC member, this is my way to always remember him . He was a very wonderful person.My thanks always to RYLAN.
Hi, dukeswalker!  This might be of some help..     This is my number one choice edna's you-tube rose tutorial. She is so talented and generous!!   You could also check these other links.   If you click on this pin you will see the tutorial.   Good...
You did a wonderful job!! I see lots of love in them, and your layers are even!  My first were not even close to yours.    With time and practice we all get better.     Ciao!
Hello annakat444! Are you letting the loops dry before attaching to form the bow?   I am sending you some links hope it helps you!     Good luck!   CIAO!
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