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Hello pagea... I hope that one of these links might help you! On the first one is a very good site with hundreds of tutorials on everything.  Scroll up for the one you need.     Good luck! CIAO!
Welcome PTDixiegal! Here is a link that will help you a lot and keep you  VERY busy! This is my way of also honoring Rylan a wonderful CC member and not forget his contribution to this site.     Here you will find all kinds of tutorial, go over them at your own pace , and if you have any questions with any of the techniques, you can go to the CC forum and someone is always willing to...
Good day everyone!  Lexi 55033, What is a clamshell container?  I google it  and it only shows small individual containers, which must be expensive to buy. Would you please direct me to a picture of the one that you use? Thank you!
I saw a tutorial on internet...I can not remember her name but she use  a piece of calculator paper in the circumference of cake, folded by half, then that half is folded again. I imagine that you make as many folds that you need.  Also  if you need six partitions , after the first half fold  you could fold in three, this way you will get six partitions. Then you take the folded piece of paper, pin it on your cake and mark the folds with a pin.   I hope that you can...
Hello everyone... I happen to see the video when it was available . This a JESICAKES's technique. On the link that you have this is most important to understand   1.Measure cake circumferance and high. 2.Roll your fondant out in a thick rope so it's easier to get it into a long rectangle the same size or bigger than your wax paper you cut earlier.   3.Once you've rolled it out at least as big as the wax paper, and nice and thin, grease up your wax paper with a...
Hello... hannahs cake   Hope this helps. Good luck!       Ciao!
Hi car1979...   Maybe this link can help you, I hope so.   Good luck!   Ciao!
Enjoy,   I have seen so many beautiful cookies, but his work is awesome!
Gracias por el pasa-a-paso! Ciao!
Whatever fondant is extra in the mold I scrape it off very gently as to not disturb the rest, if it pulls off I push it back in and finish scraping, then I pass my fingers on the mold as to have a smooth finish in the back and pull off the  piece.Hope it helps.   Ciao!
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