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I  roll the fondant to thicknes desire and afterwards apply corn starch or powder sugar  with a make up brush             (just for this) this prevents the stencil from sticking to fondant. Hope this helps!   CIAO!
Hope this helps you.   Good luck!     Ciao!
Hi....I hope the following link gives you some idea.   use the google translator, she uses edible glue.  Some other persons use royal icing.   Good luck!   CIAO!
She is so wonderful, sharing her knowledge and time with all of us in the cake world!!!   I have seen all her videos on You tube.   I know that you will learn as much as I am learning.     CIAO!
Hi Hungarygreek... I hope this link helps you. The person is using a Wilton Mold. She says she only use fondant, but I would do it 50/50 fondant/ gumpaste.     Good luck!   CIAO!
Thank you, emmc! I will check later for post.   Ciao!
emmc ... do you have a freezer just for your baking? Would it be possible to have a picture of your plastic container to see the size? Thank you in advance for your time.     CIAO!
It looks like a diaper bag.   I would think you would follow the same procedure. A stack of at least 3 layer could be four layers it depends on hight that you would...
Hi everyone!   I never (so far) do any leveling.  I do all my baking at 325 and depending on the size of cake is the time I set  on timer   While I am waiting for the cake to be cook I  ready the following : a cheese cloth, a cake board the same size as cake being bake,   As soon as I take the cake out  I put the cloth over the cake, put the cake board over the cloth and press firmly and  evenly, this gives me a very level flat cake.     This is what I...
Hello everyone!!! A warm  welcome to all the "NEWBIES"  as a welcome gift I am posting for you this wonderful link which was collected by our very dear CC member, Rylan.   If you check all the pages in the post you will see that it has tutorial for everything .   Best of luck!     CIAO!
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