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Ohhhhhhh silly me lol thankyou i understand now lol.
I was questioning this reply
Make what 1 yellow?
Ok so my friend wants the cake pictured below. But she only wants it 1 tier. So she has left it up to me to decide what colour icing etc but im not sure which would look best, do i do the cake yellow with darker yellow dots, purple with darker purple dots or shouldi do yellow icing with purple dots? Any opinions appreciated thanks.Sarah
Another question, anyone know rougly what size cakes they are on the photo?
HiMy friend wants this cake for her daughters 1st birthday.My question is how have they got the different colours on top of the cup cakes? What do you think they have used? Obviously they have used white buttercream icing them it looks like they have sprinkeled something on top to get the colours but what is it?Thanks, Sarah
Just made this wedding cake for my auntie.What do you all think?It wont let me upload the photo so ive had to post a linkSarah
Can someone advise me on how i can get royal icing as smooth as i can!!!Thanks
Thankyou for the tips
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