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Hi All,   I have been asked to make a cake for a christening and they want Super Baby, does anyone have any idea what this is, they have said it's like superman but a baby. Apparently he had heart problems so they call him Super baby. Anyone got any suggestions how I could make the cake?   Thanks
I made a cake for a wedding and the top cake was hot pink, I bought the icing of ebay pre coloured.
Quick question for you all, when you make a sponge cake and say you are making an 8" sponge cake do you make a mix for a 10" cake or an 8" cake? I was always told to make more mix to get a thicker cake, but surely the cake wont be as airy and fluffy if there is more cake mix? Will the cake still rise enough if you make an 8" mix????   Thanks Sarah
Hi,   I need some help please. I need to make a cake which has an Elvis either sitting or standing, has anyone done one or have any instructions on how to make one???   Thanks Sarah
HiCan someone tell me how far in advance I can bake a sponge cake.I need to make it for Saturday but I also need to make 30 cupcakes to go with it, I was thinking of baking it on Tuesday icing it Wednesday ready for Saturday, as I need to get the cupcakes done on Thur/Fri. Will it stay fresh?ThanksSarah
HiI am trying to find a sponge cake recipe for an 11" or 12" square tin I can't see one anywhere can someone tell me the amounts in grams or oz??? ThanksSarah
Hi AllI am making around 36 cupcakes next week and the only recipe I can find is for 12! Can I just mix 3 times this recipe in the bowl or will it effect the cooking time? If not does someone have a recipe that will make 36 cupcakes? I am in the UK so the amounts in grams or oz would be great.ThanksSarah
Hi I have a recipe for a cake and it says to used a 2lb loaf tin or a round tin of the equivalent. Can anyone tell me what size round tin I can use in place of the 2lb loaf tin?ThanksSarah
Ok so someone asks you to do them a baby shower cake, they say to you do what ever you like im really not bothered what you do....and she doesnt know the sex of the baby...what kind of thing would you do?Sarah
My friend has asked me to make her a baby shower cake, she has sent me a photo of what she like, which is a baby bump with breasts, she says she wants that but a smaller version for about 15 people, any idea what i could use to get the baby bump shape and the breasts shape?This is the cake.Thanks, Sarah
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