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Well said, Mimi. You put into words exactly what I was wanting to convey. After a period of time one gets to know the personalities of various members and can see where no offense is intended. Yes, Julia, please feel welcome to this squirrel cage. Yours, and others contributions make this forum wonderessly diverse.
My sides are aching with laughter. I just love it when you all get the bit between your teeth and run with it. I would love to add to it, but never can think of something until it is said by someone else. You've honed it to a fine art!
I'm glad to see these success stories. I'm afraid I came away from an unexpected divorce with 4 boys, (5 years and under), and a good dose of cynicism. Fortunately, my parents enabled me to get a small farm and I managed to be a stay at home mom, practicing frugality and self-sufficiency. It was tough but was a good environment for raising my boys.   Don't mean to hijack the thread. Those good stories are refreshing.   Jan
If it gets that far. Hopefully, with the high divorce rate today, they might reconsider before the leap.
It doesn't become actual buttermilk, but the acid of either vinegar or lemon juice causes it to curdle and, for all intents and purposes in can be used interchangeably for buttermilk with no apparent difference in your recipe. As for being lumpy, don't let it cause you any worry. Sometimes it is and some times it isn't. My homemade, left from churning is characteristically thin. If you find it lumpy, simple shake it vigorously and it should smooth out.
I'd never had my homemade buttermilk, (the genuine thing left over from making my own butter), get lumpy. Actually homemade is quite thin.. Commercial, cultured, buttermilk is naturally thick and frequently bits of butter are added to it for appearance's sake. When it gets lumpy, I just pinch the top of the carton tightly and shake vigorously. I also do the same if it has separated. It will be just fine.
Oh my goodness, I feel like I am looking into an aquarium! I half expect to see tropical fish float into view! Beautiful job and so very well done!!   Jan
LOL asking for fees in this manner beats the anti depression ads we were bombarded with some time ago. I couldn't rest my cursor for a second without opening one up.   Jan   Edited to add: Oooops, I wasn't offended, or humiliated or made to feel less than wonderful by those ads. Just pleasantly annoyed.
Hey, you answered my question. I used copy/paste to the web site, not e-mail. It was a simple little mistake I kept repeating. No wonder I once could do it and couldn't remember why. Aye, age has it's disadvantages.   As to the roses, I used left over fondant that was already red. When doing flowers, I prefer to use a lighter base color so I can shade and highlight. But I was in a big hurry and used what I already had on hand. I tried all the dark reds I had and nothing...
Here's a little cake I did yesterday as a thank you to someone who did me a big favor. I was really rushed so I see many flaws, among them the lousy job on the ruffle, roses that are "tubular" shaped , and quilting that should have extended to the base. At first I liked the board's ribbon, but in hindsight, it should have been a solid color. Let me have it, as it is a lesson not to rush.     Will someone please help me here? I had trouble with my last picture in this...
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