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Thank you all!
I need to make several flavors for some cuppies next week and to save time, I'd like to make my SMBC and either freeze or refridgerate it for a few days till I'm ready. How will that work??? Any tips or suggestions or should I not do that?
Seems like all that left is Cake Boss....what happened to all the challenges and weren't there some reality shows based on some other cakers???'s a mystery.
I've heard of adding the tonic water only to the icing mixture and then there's a method of using the tonic water and jello then dip the cupcakes in that mixture...what's best? I would like to color the icings in neon colors for this birthday cupcake order I have....does anyone have any suggestions? Has anyone tried both methods and if so, which one works best??? Thanks in advance for your help :)
Just add a bit of just fine
Check out my little blog...I have some instuctions posted on my first Lightning McQueen cake....good luck!
Coffee creamer...good to know...I will try it with my next batch!
How much icing do you think I'll need?
Thanks so much!!
I will be attempteing cake pops for the first time this week. I saw the recent tutorial posted on here and that was great! I am wondering how much actual cake will I need for 40 pops? I baked a 12 in round....will that be enough?
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