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It's a pretty simple design. Start with what ever size sheet cake pan you need, bake your cake, make a ribbon template to fit that size cake, freeze cake for a bit, use template to carve cake. That's what I would do. Someone may have another suggestion.
For a 3 tiered wedding cake the bride would like a sparkling trail of some sort going down from her topper diagonally across each tier to the bottom. She had originally wanted some sort of edible gems but she is on a tight budget and to do that many gems would have been too much of an expense. I suggested Sparkling White sugar. What would be the best way to adhere the sugar to the side of a fondant covered cake? I was thinking Royal icing or piping gel. I want to make...
A 2 tiered cake should not be difficult to transport. Make sure you use some sort of support in the bottom tier to hold up the top tier. I don't think I would use Angel food cake. It's kind of soft and I don't think it will keep a nice shape under the weight of fondant. If I were you I would go to youtube and type in "stacking a cake". You will find tutorials that will help you. good luck : )
Check out "Decorators Cream cheese Icing" recipe. It's great for frosting and decorating. Use a regular cream cheese icing recipe for the filling though.
French vanilla does have a different flavor than pure vanilla. Plus if you are using a modified box recipe and use a French Vanilla cake mix, the cake will be more of a yellow than white. When I make modified French Vanilla cakes I use French Vanilla extract.
Check out the recipe for "Decorators Cream Cheese icing". It's perfect for icing a cake. It's not the same as a cream cheese filling recipe, which is too heavy and runny for an icing.
I charge by the mile but there are some that charge a flat rate. I did research when figuring what I should charge and it seems the going rate is between 58 and 62 cents per mile. Make sure you are charging for round trip. HTH
I always put ganache covered cakes in the frig...never have had a problem : )
A 1/2 sheet cake(11x15) should feed 60 plus, especially if filled with BC or other filling. You are going to end up with a lot of cake by doing a 1/2 sheet and a cross cake on top.Have you considered making a sheet cake and cutting it to a cross? That may work out better.
I don't think it's enough. You have to figure what it costs for you to make and the time you are putting into it. I would also check around with other bakers in your area and see what they are charging so your price is competative. I consider a basic birthday cake 1 tier, buttercream, with lettering. Those I price by the size(extra charge for added decorations or fondant). Anything 2 tiers and up I price by the serving. HTH
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