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French vanilla does have a different flavor than pure vanilla. Plus if you are using a modified box recipe and use a French Vanilla cake mix, the cake will be more of a yellow than white. When I make modified French Vanilla cakes I use French Vanilla extract.
Check out the recipe for "Decorators Cream Cheese icing". It's perfect for icing a cake. It's not the same as a cream cheese filling recipe, which is too heavy and runny for an icing.
I charge by the mile but there are some that charge a flat rate. I did research when figuring what I should charge and it seems the going rate is between 58 and 62 cents per mile. Make sure you are charging for round trip. HTH
I always put ganache covered cakes in the frig...never have had a problem : )
A 1/2 sheet cake(11x15) should feed 60 plus, especially if filled with BC or other filling. You are going to end up with a lot of cake by doing a 1/2 sheet and a cross cake on top.Have you considered making a sheet cake and cutting it to a cross? That may work out better.
I don't think it's enough. You have to figure what it costs for you to make and the time you are putting into it. I would also check around with other bakers in your area and see what they are charging so your price is competative. I consider a basic birthday cake 1 tier, buttercream, with lettering. Those I price by the size(extra charge for added decorations or fondant). Anything 2 tiers and up I price by the serving. HTH
Whenever I make classic size cupcakes a good amount of the liners, for lack of a better term, "buckle" in around one or more of the sides. In other words they do not stay round and flush up against the wall of the baking tin. So I don't always end up getting a nice round looking cupcake. They will have in indent on one side or more. Is there a trick to this or do I need to find better cupcake liners? I don't mind this happening if making cupcakes for my family but...
Once cakes are put together they are heavy, don't think there is any getting around that.Have you tried the Vanilla WASC's yummy. I use it all the time.2 bx white cake mix2cp flour2 cp sugar1/4 cp oil1 1/3 cp water1 1/3 cp lig vanilla coffee creamer( i use fat free)3 6oz containers vanilla yogurt6 eggs1 sm pkg instant vanilla pudding2 1/2 tsp vanilla paste or 1TBS vanilla ext(i use paste)
ok never mind then...
Sorry, that's "Globalsugarart"
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