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A 2 layer, filled cake, should be about 4 inches high. Maybe just 1 more layer will be sufficient. I would torte because I like the way it looks when the cake is cut. HTH
I have seen scratch recipes for mint julep cakes and it seems they all have the MJ flavor in the icing. A mint julep is bourbon, mint and simple sugar. I would just incorporate bourbon and mint into a WASC recipe just as you would any liqueur varation.
Chocolate WASC and Triple Chocolate recipes are bothVERY good. Ganache is a simple yet delicious filling, maybe with some strawberry slices on the ganache(to go w/ berries on top) Yum!
There is a sphere cake pan you can purchase. I think it's about 6" in diameter. I have used a small metal mixing bowl before which was about 6". Bake, trim the tops flat and put the 2 sides together.
Cupcakes are very popular right now...what I did was check around my area to see what cupcake shops were charging. Some shops are ridiculously high but you should get a pretty good idea of a competative price for your area. The average price in my area for a classic size iced cupcake starts around $2.95
It's a pretty simple design. Start with what ever size sheet cake pan you need, bake your cake, make a ribbon template to fit that size cake, freeze cake for a bit, use template to carve cake. That's what I would do. Someone may have another suggestion.
For a 3 tiered wedding cake the bride would like a sparkling trail of some sort going down from her topper diagonally across each tier to the bottom. She had originally wanted some sort of edible gems but she is on a tight budget and to do that many gems would have been too much of an expense. I suggested Sparkling White sugar. What would be the best way to adhere the sugar to the side of a fondant covered cake? I was thinking Royal icing or piping gel. I want to make...
A 2 tiered cake should not be difficult to transport. Make sure you use some sort of support in the bottom tier to hold up the top tier. I don't think I would use Angel food cake. It's kind of soft and I don't think it will keep a nice shape under the weight of fondant. If I were you I would go to youtube and type in "stacking a cake". You will find tutorials that will help you. good luck : )
Check out "Decorators Cream cheese Icing" recipe. It's great for frosting and decorating. Use a regular cream cheese icing recipe for the filling though.
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