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What about some sort of cookie? I have put cookie crumbs in chocolate fudge that goes inside an ice cream cake and they stay crunchy.
I find it best to charge by the mile(round trip). I think the federal reimbursement rate is around .58 per mile now.
I'm having a hard time seeing exactly what the design is.
Do some price comparisons in your area(not from a grocery store bakery). Figure out what your costs are(time and $).Price points are different in different areas so it would be difficult to tell you exactly what to charge. HTH
Try WASC using vanilla yogurt, vanilla pudding and vanilla paste. It's how I make my vanilla cake. I think it actually tastes like vanilla.
Try the "Decorators Cream Cheese" recipe. It's great to use as a frosting. Regular cream cheese frosting is fine for a filling but is too soft to ice with
I have made a chocolate WASC in the sports ball pan and it came out fine. It's pretty dense.
Saw one at bigweddingcakecompany...but they are out of the UK so I don't know if that will help you
Confused as to what you need
I can't enlarge the picture, but it looks like there is a pictureof something in a cirlce above the name. Replace that with a lighthouse, replace writing on either side of picture with thewedding date and put their names under lighthouse. I would still keep the Westbrook on since it's pretty much the theme. Use their colors in the date, names and lighthouse.
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