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Lots of places sell molds. Best thing to do is google Silicone or Resin fondant or gumpaste molds. You will def find some places to order them from.
I too was concerned when I had to cover a petal cake but to my surprise it was much easier than I thought. It came out great! You should be fine.
I'm sure the answer is in here somewhere...I am making a wedding cake next week(fondant quilt with silver dragees). What is the best way to adhere Silver dragees to the fondant without the silver coating "bleeding"?thanks!! Lee
Does anyone know if there are any tutorials out there on how to make Stargazer Lily's using a JEM Lily former? Instructions do not come with the former. I have seen the method of making them without it but since I have one I would really like to use it. Thanks!! [/i]
Are you looking for a gel color or a dust? has a magenta petal dust. I recently ordered it to make Stargazer lily's for a wedding cake. Hope that helps....Lee
I purchased Duff's silver spray for accents on a cake. It was a waste of money. Did not achieve a true silver color. Very disappointing.
Hi...making a wedding cake with a diamond print on 2 of the tiers. Bride wants silver dragees at the points. Can anyone suggest which size dragees I should use? Was thinking either 4 or 5mm. Thanks!!
Oh and the bridesmaids dresses are the same color which is why I have to be so close...thanks
I need to make some Stargazer Lilies for a wedding cake next month. The flower itself is not the problem, it's acheiving the right color. If anyone has made Stargazers in the true color(which is kind of like a Raspberry sherbet)can you tell me how to best do this. Thanks!
I'm thinking of making Choc. WASC using Dk Chocolate fudge cake and adding Kirsch to the recipe, cherry filling. Any advice?
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