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I have done that by making "glue" with confectioners sugar and water.  Worked perfectly.  Has to be a thick consistency though, not runny.
Not sure what your question is : /
WASC is my go to recipe.  For vanilla cake you can use vanilla yogurt, vanilla coffee creamer, and vanilla paste.  As far as the heating core or flower nail, you should always use one or the other when baking a cake 10" or larger.  It will help conduct heat to the center of the cake for more even baking, otherwise the edges of the cake will bake quicker than the center.  I would also advise using baking strips for a pan that size.
It's probably best to cut it as you would a square cake.
Why don't you try a WASC recipe?  It's a doctored box cake mix recipe.  The original is 1 bx cake mix, 1 cp flour, 1cp sugar, 1 cp sour cream, 1 1/3 cp water, 1/8 cp veg oil, 4 egg whites, 1 tsp vanilla, 1 tsp almond extract.  There are many variations to this recipe which you can find on CC under recipes.  One other note, with the new smaller size cake mixes, it is advised to use 1bx plus 1/2 cup cake mix and cut down on the sugar to 3/4 cp.    Above recipe will make 2 8"...
Do you want to bake from scratch only or will a tweaked boxed cake mix do?
I usually bake on Wednesday for a Saturday cake.  Bake Wednesday, cut, fill and dirty ice on Thursday and finish up on Friday, and if needed Saturday morning is for touch ups and last minute details. can also use flavored liquid coffee creamers.  What ever the liquid measure is, I usually do half water and half creamer, or a little less than half water and a little more than half creamer so that the creamer flavor is not so diluted.
I have poured warm ganache over a butter cream iced cakes with no problem.  The top was completely covered with the ganache with some dripping down the sides.  Just make sure you refrigerate the cake after icing before using warm ganache. HTH
Yes, you can use Crisco.  High ratio does produce a better butter cream though.  If I am using high ratio(which I always do)and the recipe doesn't specify high ratio, I will use less high ratio than the amount of shortening the recipe calls for.  Hope that makes sense.
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