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It's best to use a high ratio shortening for butter cream, better flavor and texture. 
First of all, that is too much cake for 30 people.  The 12" alone will feed more than 50 people cut 1"x2"x4". You may want to go w/  8" and 6" rounds if cutting as mentioned above.  An 8" and 6" tiered cake in my area would go for around $125 and up.  You need to check around your area and see what people are charging for similar cakes.  Also, if you are not that skilled in decorating you will need to take that into consideration when pricing.  Have you checked the...
Why not cover the cake in a white chocolate ganache? 
Hi...I've done this using candy melts.  I melt the chocolates w/ just a small amount of shortening.  I then place it in a pastry bag using a tip w/ a small hole and drizzle.  HTH
I have done that by making "glue" with confectioners sugar and water.  Worked perfectly.  Has to be a thick consistency though, not runny.
Not sure what your question is : /
WASC is my go to recipe.  For vanilla cake you can use vanilla yogurt, vanilla coffee creamer, and vanilla paste.  As far as the heating core or flower nail, you should always use one or the other when baking a cake 10" or larger.  It will help conduct heat to the center of the cake for more even baking, otherwise the edges of the cake will bake quicker than the center.  I would also advise using baking strips for a pan that size.
It's probably best to cut it as you would a square cake.
Why don't you try a WASC recipe?  It's a doctored box cake mix recipe.  The original is 1 bx cake mix, 1 cp flour, 1cp sugar, 1 cp sour cream, 1 1/3 cp water, 1/8 cp veg oil, 4 egg whites, 1 tsp vanilla, 1 tsp almond extract.  There are many variations to this recipe which you can find on CC under recipes.  One other note, with the new smaller size cake mixes, it is advised to use 1bx plus 1/2 cup cake mix and cut down on the sugar to 3/4 cp.    Above recipe will make 2 8"...
Do you want to bake from scratch only or will a tweaked boxed cake mix do?
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