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I have an iPad
How else does one get through a work day?
Cover the cake first. Otherwise the design with stretch. Plus, if you would have to redo the fondant (tear or hole or something else) you would have to use all new fondant as rerolling painted fondant would color the fondant batch.
Mimi, My work computer has all kinds of restrictions on it. On my iPad all the text options, attachment up. On my work computer, which is what I was posting from earlier, blocks a lot of options on cc.
I refrigerate all my fondant colored cakes. Never had a problem.
Would this work?
I use supports on all tiered cakes
On my iPad I see those options pastry pet, but on my work computer I don't.
I always tell a bride to bring an invitation/save the date, color swatches, a picture of their dress and any other elements they have picked out (ie. center pieces, flowers...). Half my brides bring a picture of a cake they have seen that they want me to duplicate. The other half let me custom design something. But even then I hear all the time "design something simple, with a ribbon and we want flowers on the cake".
I do not see any of those options when I post.
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