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I have done this both ways. I didn't notice any difference on the final look of the cake. One thing to consider is if you have to take a pleat off for some reason and it is attached to buttercream there is a good chance the buttercream will be pulled off too. That could cause a bigger issue.
I use bubble tea straws for 90% of my cakes. I have used SPS before (I know that is what you recommend) but I don't really like it. If the cake is over 4 tiers I will use something stronger than straws.
I may be totally over thinking this.I have a cake coming up next week that consists of a 10" cake 4" high, 8" cake 8" high and a 6" cake 4" high.I plan on making each 8" cake 4" tall and then stacking them on top of each other. I use bubble tea straws as support so I will put those between the two cakes too. Where I am struggling is when it comes to icing. Do I ice each cake and then stack or stack then ice? I know I will have to cover a seam if I ice then stack. If I...
I use fresh strawberries in my fillings all the time.Do not wash the strawberries by running water over them. Gently pat them with a damp paper towel. Like a lot of fruit, once they are washed they ripen faster.I do not slice the strawberries. I cut them into small chunks. I cut the strawberry in quaters and then cut each quater into 3 or 4 pieces.I always put my cakes in the refrigerator - buttercream or fondant. I use Fondarific brand to cover my cakes and have...
I too have a similar clause in my contract, but I only apply it to the items I am selling to the client. This past weekend I was at a going away party for friends. I made a 16" round cake (1/2 pumpkin with cream cheese filling and 1/2 pink champagne with raspberry buttercream filling) with a basket weave desgin on the sides, about 2 dozen buttercream roses and lots of leaves and a saying that was picked out by someone else. Anyway...because it was for friends, I was...
I submitted several pictures on 7/22 (the deadline was 7/22). I received an automated email on 8/6 stating that at least one picture had been picked for the September issue. You won't know what picture until the magazine comes out. I haven't received my magazine yet, I am dying to see the picture.
As long as the flowers are completely dried, it shouldn't be a problem. Now, if your icing has butter instead of shortening - that could be problem due to heat.
You should always use dowels (or some sort of support system) when stacking a cake.
The chocolate was melted, that could very well be the explanation. The past several times I have used melted chocolate and that is when I started having problems. The only reason I melted the chocolate is because I bought a huge bag of chocolate which melted into one large piece of chocolate by the time I got home. So to get the chocolate out of the bag I have been melting it and pouring it out as needed. Thanks for the info!
I use a 2:1 ratio for dark chocolate and a 3:1 ratio for white chocolate to make my ganache. When the ganache is in liquid form it is very smooth, with no lumps. But when I let the ganache set so I can spread it on a cake lumps form. Not big lumps, but small ones that make it impossible to get my ganache smooth so I can cover the cake with fondant. How do I prevent the lumps from forming?
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