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I use a 2:1 ratio for dark chocolate and a 3:1 ratio for white chocolate to make my ganache. When the ganache is in liquid form it is very smooth, with no lumps. But when I let the ganache set so I can spread it on a cake lumps form. Not big lumps, but small ones that make it impossible to get my ganache smooth so I can cover the cake with fondant. How do I prevent the lumps from forming?
Will they consider a fake tier?I have a wedding cake this weekend and the couple needs to serve 30 people but wanted a 3 tier cake. Their cake is a 10" real cake tier, 8" dummy cake tier, and a 6" real cake tier (6" will be saved for 1 yr anniversary). I like doing fake tiers because the cake isn't as heavy to carry and support is much easier.
This has been addressed many times. It is illegal to receive any form of payment even if just enough to cover expenses.
Search in the forums for SPS, tons of topics will come up.
First off, let me bow to indydebi. I can't fathom doing 300 cookies/day as my only job let alone a full time job and catering/cakes business besides that. Now back to the op, I work a full time job and have a liscensed home bakery. I work 9.5 hrs per day at my "real job" and in turn get every other Friday off. I max at 1 wedding cake per weekend. Now, if it is the week with my Friday off I have taken on a small cake or cupcake on top of the wedding cake. I have also...
The only time I charge less that the standard $2.50/serving I normally charge is when the cake is used as a kitchen cake - so 0 decorations. Just iced.
I am not sure how many ounces is in the can of pineapple. The can is the same size as a can of soup if that helps. I have also made cupcakes with this recipe several times - never had any problems.
Three wedding cakes ago the table was set up on the dance floor in the middle of the room. The cake was a total of 9 tiers - 5 tiers of cake and 4 tiers of styrofoam spacers. As soon as I walked in the room I knew the top tier wasn't going to make it. I did a judgement call and removed the top tier and spacer making the cake 4 tiers of cake and 3 spacer tiers. I still stand by that call even though the bride sent me an email about how disapointed she was in the height...
I don't really understand what the venue has to do with her getting a discount. Yes the Ritz is a very fancy/upscale venue - so what? I am putting the Ritz down, I just don't see why it plays a factor in pricing. Typically the only people that see the wedding cake are the guests and servers. And a place like the Ritz is use to seeing the best of the best. Those that they refer are the best of the best. So if you are thinking the discount is worth it because maybe you...
I think the cake is really cute. I wouldn't switch hobbies if I were you!
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