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As far as flavors and fillings: lemon cake with raspberry filling is my number one selling combo. Lemon cake is my number one selling cake (second is almond) and raspberry is my number one selling filling (second is cream cheese). If a customer doesn't order the lemon/rasp. combo, their order will consist of one of those options.
You do not have to have a license to bake out of your home in Ohio. If you DO NOT have a license, you CANNOT see any goods that need to be refrigerated. Other than that, all is fair game. So to answer your first question – yes, you can charge more than material costs even though you are not licensed.Second question: No, $3.00/slice is not unreasonable. I charge $2.50/slice for buttercream and $3.00/slice for fondant. Those are my starting prices, so depending on the...
There is a very successful cupcake bakery near where I live. Once they are sold out, they close. I know that if I don't get there before 11:00 am I will only have 2 or 3 flavors left to choose from. And if I don't get there before 1:00pm they will be closed for the day because they are sold out. This is also knowing that they open their doors with HUNDREDS of cupcakes baked the night before. It has a niche and works it well.
leah_s,let us know how you like Fondx. I for one use to make MMF, but this week I covered a cake using Fondarific and I will only use that now. It covers like a dream. Plus, I really don't like the taste of Satin Ice (personal opinion) but I like both vanilla and buttercream flavors of Fondarific.
I just covered a cake with black fondant from Fondarific (the black cake with a gold crown in my pictures). It was wonderful. I tend to have problems getting fondant rolled thin, but the fondant was really soft and was a breeze to roll. I am not the fastest decorator, but the Fondarific fondant stayed soft while covering the cake, so I didn't have to hurry and it never cracked - not once!! I also prefer the taste of Fondarific over Satin Ice. Personally, I don't think...
Thanks for all the suggestions.I don't think it is the recipe because this happens to any cupcake I make. I will try the syrup the suggestion.I want to stay away from ganache because chocolate may not work with the flavor combo, or the customer may not like chocolate.This really only becomes a problem when I have to decorate with fondant because I can't store the cupcakes in an air tight container.
If my cupcakes are stored in boxes, they dry out really fast. I just don't get it. The cupcakes are very moist before they go in the box, but after 24hrs of not being in an air tight container, hard as a rock.This is really an issue when I have fondant covered cupcakes because there is so much time spent deocrating them, I have to start a couple days before they are due.No one else has this problem?
I know, keep them in an air tight container.But, what happens when you have a large order and do not have an air tight container large enough to fit all of them? When I do a swirl style icing on top, the top outside edge of the cupcakes is not completely covered - which causes it to dry out.What about when the cupcakes are covered in fondant? Then they can't be stored in an air tight container because the fondant turns "limpy".
I put the mold in the freezer for about 10 min. and the figure popped right out. Thanks.
I have the baby mold from first impressions. For the life of me, I can't get its head out of the mold without crushing it. What am I doing wrong?
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