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What type of fondant do you use? I am wondering because some get harder than others.If you keep the cake in a box you should be fine. I would not suggest making the box air tight because then the fondant will get soggy.
When the bride says "I want a plain buttcream/fondant cake with a ribbon around the bottom of each tier". I have so many pictures of cakes that look like that. People are going to start thinking that is all I can do.
Did you forget to input an order?Remeber that the info on the bottom of the Dashboard screen is for October only. If you sold Aunt Sally a cake that is to be delivered in October but she paid you in September that will affect what the numbers say.
Vodka. Dries clear - no marks or shiney spots.
My cakes are 4 layers of cake and 3 layers of filling. I have never once had a bulge or blowout. I do allow the filled cakes to settle overnight before I ice them to ensure there are no issures. The extra filling layers helps give the cake a little extra height. As another posted mentioned, you may want to try the bake even strips. I use to use them and they do work.I also use doctored cake mixes, so I do not think that is your problem.It is really strange that you...
When you level your cakes how much are you trimming off? I have my Agbay (I have the double blade one) set at 1" (bottom blade) and 1 7/8" (top blade). So when my cake is trimmed it is 1 7/8" tall. The space for the filling addes the extra height to get it to 2" - 2 1/8". All my cakes are between 4" - 4 1/4" tall.
I deliver 3 tier wedding cakes, already stacked, every weekend in the trunk of my little Suzuki Areo.Most of my cakes are 4 tiers but I can only fit a 3 tier in the trunk. So I assemble the 3 bottom tiers and put the top tier on at the venue. My next vehicle will be a mini van.
I don't think you over charged, I think he under budgeted. I charge $2.50/serving for a buttercream cake. For weddings, people think this is a great price, for their kids birthday, I never hear back. Sometimes the occasion sets the budget and prehaps this wasn't an occasion the guy in charge felt needed a nice looking cake.
I make this combo for clients all the time. I personally do not really like it, but it is a popular choice so I guess a lot of people do like it.
You switch to sleeve fillings. I use raspberry all the time and have never once had a problem with it soaking into the cake.
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