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Still no fix?
I tried finding them through Google. I searched using lots of different "key" words. Still came up with nothing.
Thanks for the reply. I was in the bakery yesterday and asked about the liners. The owner said they are really hard to find. The dim. on the package was 2" (standard size dia) but the liner was 1 3/4" tall.Any ideas where to purchase them online?
I was at local cake decorating supply store last week and was looking at the cupcake liners they have. There were 4 different sizes: mini, standard, jumbo and then a size between standard and jumbo. What is that size? I would like to purchase those for a wedding I am doing in a few weeks. I would just purchase them at the store, but they only had white and I need white, black and poka dot liners.So, any ideas on size and where to purchase them?
I just tried every link in this thread by couldn't open any of them. What am I don't wrong?
Same here except for vegan cakes. I charge more for vegan cakes because I think they are a pain to make.
I tell clients I only offer tastings on orders of 80 servings or more. Plus, what is there to taste? They don't know what a chocolate covered stawberry tastes like? Or a sugar cookie?I think they are just looking for free food.
I participated in my first bridal show 2 months ago. I didn't want to bother with little cups and lids. Instead, I made 3 11 x 15 sheet cakes. One was yellow cake with buttercream filling, the second was strawberry cake with pineapple filling and the third was chocolate cake with mocha buttercream filling and toffee bits mixed in the filling. I then covered half the cakes with fondant (I use Fondarific fondant and it tastes great) and left half iced in buttercream. ...
I have a liscensed home bakery and work a full time job. I wouldn't even consider quiting my full time until cake money = regular job money every month for atleast 1 year. Some months I have enough large orders to make the same (summer and fall), but other months (winter and spring) I am swamped but the orders are smaller. Not too many weddings in the winter in NE Ohio.For me personally, I would love to quit my day job and just decorate cakes but I am not willing to...
I use perma ice on all my dummy cakes that I want to look like buttercream icing. I like using it better than real buttercream because it lasts forever, never fades, never chips and be washed by using a damp cloth.No need to dowel the cake tiers. I glue the tiers using a hot glue gun.
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