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I finished a 3 tier baby shower cake for tomorrow, 288 cupcakes decorated with white fondant on top of each cupcake and a black strip across it and a bow in the middle and the 6" cutting cake is in the oven as we speak. My feet are killing me. I need to invest in really good shoes for all this standing I am doing. I had my husband help me with the cupcakes. I did all the cutouts and bows last weekend. His job was to glue the black strip and bow on the cupcakes. I must...
Thanks for the replies. I googled impulse sealer and there are several different sizes, what size do you recommend? Also, the card attached to the bag - do you make your own or purchase them? I would have to think that making your own could become extremely time consuming causing the cost to go way up for the cookie.
I have seem some really cute cookies on here in individual bags with decorative scrapbooking paper decore on the bag. To those that do this, do you seal the bag first using one of those things that you can reseal potato bag chips with? In the event that I am not making any sense (which is totally possible because this has been one of the longest weeks in my life and I am beyond dead tired) here is a link to what I am talking about:... ordered this last week not thinking anything about whether or not it was edible but after reading this thread I went back to the website to see if it is specified and sure enough - clearly stated it is edible.
There is a label on the tub that says once opened fondant will last in an air tight container for 1 year.
Candycakes:No, I do not work Fondarific. I work for an engineering company designing burners for power plants all over the world. Cake stuff is just a side thing for me.
The higher the carats the safter to digest. I once ordered salmon that had a thin gold "sheet" overlay on the fish. There was no flavor to the gold, it was just there for the affect. I will say, that was the prettiest salmon I have ever eaten
I use to make MMF but it was a hassel and a mess. There are some things I would rather buy then take the time to do myself, and fondant is one of them. I also had a really hard time rolling out MMF thin enough to cover a cake with. My husband always had to roll it for me. With Fondarific I have no problems rolling the fondant thin. I like the options for ordering premade colors too by Fondarific. Makes by job even easier.
The taste is bad in my opinion too, but in a jam that is all I could get. I really wish supply stores in my area carried Fondarific fondant.
I didn't have sound on (I am at work), so this could have been talked about in the video and I just didn't hear it. Did anyone say that the cake was from a bakery? If so, then ignore the rest of this post... Maybe the cake was made by one of those woman and for one reason or another she wasn't able to finish the "blinging" at home or thought the beads would fall off during travel and wanted to put them on at the venue. The other women could be her "helpers" and they...
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