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My mom makes these great orange/coconut cookies from a yellow cake mix, but they give me the worst heartburn in a matter of seconds. I guess that is a good thing because I could eat an entire batch by myself.
I freeze my sugar cookies (NFSC) all the time. If I use fondant I usually let them sit out atleast 6 hours before freezing to ensure the fondant isn't really soft and squish. If I use Toba's glace I let them dry for 48 hrs before putting them in a container to freeze.As a side note, I tood Toba Garret's cookie class and she said her sugar cookies sit out for weeks (and these were cookies for customers). She wouldn't give a specific time frame, but she said well over a...
I use my garlic press all the time for the same thing. It also makes good "hair" for fondant models.
I took the OP to mean the cake tiers were double tiers, so each tier was 8" tall. That is why she used 4 cake circle boards.If I am correct my understanding, I would say the leaning was the design of the cake. I have done the really high tiers before and they are tough to line up and smooth perfect over 8". I think any lean is very noticable when dealing with really tall tiers.If I did not understand the double tier thing, then ignore my post.
I deliver STACKED wedding cakes every weekend in the trunk of my compact car.I don't see the big deal. put the stacked cake on a drum board, put a piece of non-slip stuff under the drum (the kind you put in your cupboards at home, can't think of its name) and put the cake in the trunk.
Have you thought about a price increase? People preach on here all the time when you are swamped, raise your prices. Usually you end up with the same amount of money but less orders, so less stress. If the orders keep coming at the same rate you will have some extra to pay a PR person.
I have the same model has mysweetsugar75 and it handles anything I throw at it.
I don't mind the baking but I would love to out source the cleaning!!
You really should check into this. I live in OH which allows home based bakeries, both licensed and unlicensed. A friend of mine got married a couple of years ago at an upscale country club. Someone she knows offered to make the wedding cake as a gift. This person did not have a licensed home bakery so the venue said "no can do". That is really rare here because the state does not require a license. I have yet to be asked by a venue to show a license (I am licensed...
I have used Satin Ice in the past and hated it. I now only use Fondarific.
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