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It should be fine. I had one weekend that was crazy booked and finished one cake on Wednesday and it sat on my dining room table until delivered on Saturday. It was for a friend's baby shower and I knew I would be there so if the cake looked "off" when cut I would see it right away. Well, it looked and tasted great. I think people sometimes worry too much about the cake being made just before the event so it stays "fresh". How many days have you continued to eat a cake...
I just checked you album, and that cake is not there. Can you try to attach it again?
To me, Satin Ice isn't any better than Wilton. I hate the way it tastes and smells. I know that many people do like the taste, but my husband and I think it is gross. I have consultations all the time where the bride says "I don't want fondant because of the taste" and then I have her sample the Fondarific buttercream flavored fondant and she changes her mind. It is also great on sugar cookies.
Ditch the Satin Ice and use Fondarific. You will never go back.
I received a call last Tuesday from a bride wanting to set up a consultation for a wedding cake. She lives about 2.5 hours from here, but this is where she grew up so the wedding is taking place here. As a result, she asked if we could set the appointment up for June 11 because she would be in town that weekend. Then I asked when the wedding was: June 25I asked "of this year?" She told me yes, this year.So, now I am thinking "oh, it must be a small, quick wedding".Nope....
Lemon cake with alternating layers of cream cheese and raspberry filling.I also really like keylime cake with coolwhip filling. It is a very light cake and perfect for summer cook-outs.
No one else asks for reviews?
I have a free listing on just about every website out there. Some allow reviews to be posted. In the past I have asked for reviews on either my Google account (where just about everyone finds me) or Wedding Wire (when you get 3 great reviews in a year they give you a Bride's Choice Award status). Last month I signed up with The Knot and as of this month they allow reviews on The Wedding Channel website. Besides those 3, I think there are 3 or 4 more sites that allow...
This may be a dumb question, but... I recently joined The Knot, how do I search myself on the message boards?
I give the bride a copy of her invoice showing what she has already paid (deposit), when her next payment is due and how much money is due. Then once final payment has been made I email her a copy of her invoice showing the updated info. I have Cake Boss software and creating invoices are very easy with it.
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