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I don't mind the baking but I would love to out source the cleaning!!
You really should check into this. I live in OH which allows home based bakeries, both licensed and unlicensed. A friend of mine got married a couple of years ago at an upscale country club. Someone she knows offered to make the wedding cake as a gift. This person did not have a licensed home bakery so the venue said "no can do". That is really rare here because the state does not require a license. I have yet to be asked by a venue to show a license (I am licensed...
I have used Satin Ice in the past and hated it. I now only use Fondarific.
I am located in NE Ohio. I currently have 11 weddings booked for 2011, 7 are wedding cakes and 4 are cupcakes.
Instead of icing the cake in buttercream try using ganache. Your cake will never sag again.
Do you bake the cookies with the bamboo skewers already inserted? If so, do you have to soak the skewers first so they don't burn?
The 2:1 ratio is for dark and milk chocolate. White chocolate is a 3:1 ratio.
I will be raising my prices next month from $2.50/serving (buttercream) to $3.00/serving.There is a guy in a near by town that raises his in September. Starting next September that is what I am going to do. It is usually that time of year I start booking the following year's weddings so in my opinion, a perfect time to increase prices.
Are you sure that is all you can fit in your oven? I can fit 1 regular 12 cavity cupcake pan and 1 regular 6 cavity cupcake pan. That would help speed things up.The 8" and 4" pans (if 2" pans then 2 of each) can fit in the oven at the same time on one rack. You can fit at least 8 4" pans at a time. So, if the 4" mini cakes are 4" tall and you can bake 8 pans at a time, that is 4 finished cakes at a time. You would have to repeat 5 times. If the cakes are 2" tall, you...
I just got off the phone with the woman that cut the cake this past Saturday. I told her who I was (she introduced herself when I was setting up the cake) and asked how everything went in regards to the cake. She said everything was fine. They served the top 2 tiers and part of the third and fourth. There were cookies and candies also, so the left over cake was boxed up and sent home with people.I asked if she was aware of any "comments" made of any kind. She said she...
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