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Since the logo is copyright, you are going to have a tough time finding anyone print one for you - even with approval from the company. I have my local grocery store bakery print my edible images for me, but they won't do anyting that is a copy right - even if I have approval. Sorry I couldn't really be of any help.
The dowels will not bend the cardboard.
You may want to participate in an upcoming bridal show. I have had excellent success with bridal shows. Do you have a website? Business cards? Both are necessary.
Personally, I don't like SPS. I use bubble tea straws for supporting each tier and wooden dowels through the cake. The wooden dowels are cut about 1.5" shorter than the height of the stacked tiers. One end of the dowel is sharpened using a pencil sharpener (a cheap plastic one from walmart used only for cakes). Then I hammer the dowels in to the cake. The dowel should go all the way into the base. With SPS each tier has to be exactly 4". My cakes tend to be more...
I send a thank you card in the mail to the couple the week after their wedding. In most cases they bride sends me an email or card in return. At that point I ask for a review on either wedding wire or the knot.
 My guess would be that the cake, while sitting in the back seat, was at a slight angle causing the weight of the cake to shift. Cakes should always travel on a flat surface (the floor of the cake, trunk...) with a non slip mat under them.Any filling can be used as long as a there is a buttercream dam - which you stated there was. I am not sure what you mean by "sticks" as supports. Could you please clarify?Did you have a dowel all inserted all the way through the cake?
Jenny, You might want to rethink your support method. For the top tier to slid I am assuming there was no dowel inserted all the way though the cake. I know a couple people on CC say that is not needed, but I don't see how that is possible. I hammer 2 offset wooden dowels through all my cakes. Never had a problem.
Clover, If you deliver a cake that has been in an accident of some sort but can fix it 100%, I would say no reduction in price/no refund. I haven't had an accident, but I have accidently shoved my finger in a wedding cake while setting it up at the venue. I pulled out my repair kit and 3 minutes later it looked like it never happened. But, if the cake could not be fixed 100% then a refund is inorder. Some on CC will tell you a partial refund, some will tell you a full...
I agree with K8memphis, 6" rounds will look much better than 8" rounds.
I use white chocolate ganache for icing on my fondant covered cakes. I like white chocolate ganache because if the fondant tears or I acidently scuff it up and have to tear it off the fondant does not have any dark chocolate on it that would affect the coloring when I reroll it.
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