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I believe you mean what Goldilocks said.
Invest in Cake Boss software to help with pricing.
I use ganache under all my fondant cakes. I make the ganache the day before I need it. Then I whip it with my hand held mixer with whisk attachment (I have used the regular attachments too and it worked fine). The texture is creamier, more like buttercream, but hardens nicely when refrigerated. So after I whip it I ice the cake with the ganache. Then I pop the cake in the fridge for several hours until the ganache is firm. At that time I cover with fondant.When the...
90% done with a wedding cake for tomorrow. I absolutely hate square cakes. They are so hard for me to ice straight, perfect corners.
I refrigerate all my cake, even fondant covered cakes. There are tons of threads about this.I stack then refrigerate. Just don't touch the fondant when you take it out of the fridge or the condensation will cause smudges.
I hate SMBC. I would think you forgot the sugar too if I was her. If that is all you offer, tell her that. If you offer her something different you will have to ask each client which icing they want because you never know whose party they were at when they tried your cake.
When someone calls or emails me about a cake a couple things can happen...Option #1 Small Cake Order:Sometimes people call wanting a cake they saw on my website or they have a picture of what they want. In these cases I can give a firm price over the phone or email. Even if the cake is very detailed I can give a firm price because I know exactly what they want since I have a picture of it.If the person sends me a picture or link to, say invitations, they want included in...
Word of mouth is an excellent form of advertising - and it is free! Here in the states we have tons of websites directed towards parties, weddings and brides. Quite a few will allow a vendor to have a simple free listing. I suggest you sign up for every single one of these (if you have them). I personally pay for a listing on the website The Knot because brides in my area use it heavily. For my business this has been a sound investment. I don't have to sign a...
I use SugarShack's buttercream recipe and I absolutely love it. I deliver to a lot of outdoor weddings and have never had a problem with melting, streaking - nothing.
From the time I started cake decorating to the time I sold my first cake was about 2 years. But I also work full time so up until I started getting regular orders I didn't have a ton of time to practice.
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