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I purchased Sugar Shack's topsy turvey DVD. It is great! I would recommend buying the DVD if you want to try this style of cake again.
Are you sure you are making any money? My least expensive cake I make is more per serving than you charged. Even if you made a little (and it would be very little) you are make about $0.10/hour. Nothing is worth that. It doesn't matter that the other baker in town charges the same as you. You need to up your prices. And grocery stores are not your competition, so don't compare your prices with theirs.
Does it have to buttercream? Can you make the "ice cream" cake and then cover with fondant?
I put real flowers on wedding cakes all the time. The florist will know what to do. I call the florist 4 days before the wedding to confirm their delivery time of the flowers to the venue. Since I put the flowers on the cake I don't want to deliver the cake before the flowers will be there.   i insert a straw into the cake where the flower is going. Then I put the stem (trimmed to 2"-3" long) into the straw. Never had a problem.   i do request the use of non...
I have never had someone sign for a cake I have delivered. That is what the pictures I take are prove set up and the condition of the cake when I left.   90% of the time there is no one from the wedding at the venue when I am setting up. 
My base price would have been $462. Depending on the decorations the final price may have been more expensive.   Glad you stood up and passed on the order.
Could be the temp in your kitchen. In the winter my house is kept at 65 degrees and in the summer 72 degrees.   For tappits I roll the fondant really thin. I also make sure there is a lot of powdered sugar on both sides of the fondant once rolled and on the tappit when I start cutting.
I use Fondarific all the time.  I love it.  When using the fondant to cut out shapes I like to roll out the fondant on a dusted surface (I use sugar powerder to dust) and let it sit for about 10 - 15 minutes to stiffen up.  The shapes will not stretch once the fondant has stiffened up.
I refrigerate all my cakes - even the ones coved with fondant (I also use ganache under my fondant).  The cakes will sweat when you take them out of the fridge.  Just don't touch them until they have dried and everything will be fine.   You make what to make a stiffer ganache next time and roll your fondant thinner.  My fondant is 1/16" thick when I cover a cake.
I don't give out free samples to random business. I do take cupcakes from time to time to the salon I go to, but that is because I really like my hair girl and nail girl and want to take them a treat a couple times a year.  I also take a couple dozen to my accountant at tax time, but again, that is because I like him - not because I am trying to get business.   Both businesses know me so they have never had a problem with me bringing cupcakes to them.
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