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Mimi, My work computer has all kinds of restrictions on it. On my iPad all the text options, attachment up. On my work computer, which is what I was posting from earlier, blocks a lot of options on cc.
I refrigerate all my fondant colored cakes. Never had a problem.
Would this work?
I use supports on all tiered cakes
On my iPad I see those options pastry pet, but on my work computer I don't.
I always tell a bride to bring an invitation/save the date, color swatches, a picture of their dress and any other elements they have picked out (ie. center pieces, flowers...). Half my brides bring a picture of a cake they have seen that they want me to duplicate. The other half let me custom design something. But even then I hear all the time "design something simple, with a ribbon and we want flowers on the cake".
I do not see any of those options when I post.
The attached decorations look small. No support would be needed.
Don't waste your money on the Wilton leveler. The bends and cuts the cake wonky all the time. I don't know how many cakes a year you make, but it you okay spending some cash invest in an Agbay leveler. I have the regular size double bladed one. It is amazing!
I see no icon that looks like that. So I will just post a link. I did a burlap cake, but it isn't the typical burlap cake posted previously. I liked the way it came out. I am tired of the plain white iced cake, ribbon wrapped around tier and flowers on cake in 3 bunches. I feel like that is all I make.
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