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I ordered Sharon's Sugar Shack DVD on buttercream. The information is great. She walks you through the process, ingredients, fixes... I use her recipe on all my cakes. I love how easy it is to make and ice with, and all my brides love the taste.
I have cakes on pedestal stands all the time. I never glue the cake down. Here are a couple cakes I have done on that style...
I would provide a sketch. That way you make sure both you and the bride are on the same page. Free cake or not, this is her wedding cake. I would rather pay for a cake I want then get a free one I hate - especially for my wedding. I joke with my brides that I draw like a 3 year old, so don't panic when you see the sketch. No one has ever said anything about my lack of sketching skills. I show them pictures of cake I have done in my portfolio, so the bride knows the...
I delivered a cake 7 hours from home one time. I just put each tier in its own box with a non slip mat under the box. Turned the air conditioner on high and made sure I didn't make any crazy turns or slam on the brakes. Sealing the cakes might cause the cakes to sweat (condensation). I wouldn't do that.
I used white chocolate ganache under the fondant on this cake
There are hundreds of threads on pricing. I would recommend doing a search on the that topic for an answer.
I use Sugar Shack's recipe. It is great for hot humid days.
I have an iPad
How else does one get through a work day?
Cover the cake first. Otherwise the design with stretch. Plus, if you would have to redo the fondant (tear or hole or something else) you would have to use all new fondant as rerolling painted fondant would color the fondant batch.
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