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The attached decorations look small. No support would be needed.
Don't waste your money on the Wilton leveler. The bends and cuts the cake wonky all the time. I don't know how many cakes a year you make, but it you okay spending some cash invest in an Agbay leveler. I have the regular size double bladed one. It is amazing!
I see no icon that looks like that. So I will just post a link. I did a burlap cake, but it isn't the typical burlap cake posted previously. I liked the way it came out. I am tired of the plain white iced cake, ribbon wrapped around tier and flowers on cake in 3 bunches. I feel like that is all I make.
I think anytime a cake is shipped the chance of disaster is high. I also wouldn't assume that I could use the hotels fridge/freezer. You will want to double check before doing anything. Can you drive to the venue? I would think that would cut down travel time. If you have a travel buddy you could drive through the night.
Albert Uster's Massa Grischuna I really like their natural colored fondant
I have the regular size double bladed Agbay leveler. Best purchase ever.
I can't get pictures to ever post either! If you make the decorations in advance I would wrap them in saran wrap (plastic wrap) and put them in an air tight container. That will help them stay soft and not dry out.
I am trying to figure out how to attach a picture, I can't find the attach button anywhere. Help!
You can attach fondant decorations to buttercream, just put a little water on the side of the decoration that will be attached to the cake. The water will make the fondant sticky and act as a glue. What brand of fondant are you using? Some fondant gets hard if left out, so if you make the decorations in advance, they may not be flexible when you put them on the cake. This could cause the decorations to crack.
I made a topsy turvy cake for a friend's baby shower cake a year ago. I bake 2" tall tiers. I cut the tier so the one side was 2" tall and the other side was 1.25" tall. I used 3 layers in each cake, so the cake was 6" tall on one side and 3.75" on the other side. I followed the advice given on Sharon Zambito's DVD. I know you don't have time to order the DVD for this cake, but I think she now has an option for download. You might want to check it out.
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