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What is the gold dust in the picture?  I use gold highlighter and luster dust all the time, but I don't think that is what is used on these cupcakes.    
So, what happened? Did you make the wedding cake?
I will give all of your suggestions a try when I get home tonight.
I tried using fondant last night with no issue. So that is my back up plan. But I would really like the hard consistancy of chocolate.
I purchased this mold: For the life of me, I cannot get the chocolate made anchor out of the mold without breaking it. I have tried everything I can think of...freezing the chocolate, not freezing the chocolate, using difference items to try to pry the chocolate out, trying to coax the chocolate out different ways, I rubbed crisco on the mold... I emailed the maker of the mold...
I have a convection oven at home that has the option of regular bake and convection bake. If I select convection bake I punch in the temp I would use for regular baking and the temp is automatically adjusted (lower by 25 degrees). When I had just a regular oven I baked my cakes at 325 degrees. With the convection bake I punch in 375 degrees, the temp is automatically lowered to 350 degrees, and I get the same results (moist cake, no "hump"). I have NOT noticed the baking...
It comes to down to your costs (all costs) and skill. I can't charge the same as Dreme on CC because her sugar cookies look like they could be on display at an art exhibit but I can charge way more than Giant Eagle (grocery store in my area) for their smiley face sugar cookies. My BC cakes start at $4 and fondant starts at $4.50. My location, skill and costs dictate those prices.
I would be so nervous if I was the bride canceling my wedding cake 2 weeks before the wedding. Does she really think she can find another baker with such short notice? Sounds fishy to me. I would hold her to the contract. And with only 2 weeks before the wedding I wouldn't offer to try a new recipe. That could be a disaster waiting to happen.
I have consultations in my house all the time. I just keep my phone by me and text my hubby when the people leave.
 I used that recipe on all my cakes for several years now without any problems. I live in NE Ohio which will reach into the 90's June-August regularly. Last summer I deliveryed an all buttercream cake to an outdoor venue in over 90 degree heat without any problems. The photographer sent me a couple pictures of the cake she took during the reception (a couple hours after delivery) and the cake still looked great.I can understand you have an opinion about "buttercream"...
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