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I know you don't have a website yet, but once you do I would recommend listing starting prices on it. That helps weed people out with a budget lower than your starting price.
I did a Mario Kart cake for a woman last week. If I remember I can upload a pic when I get home tonight. The cake was a Mario Kart theme. But Mario himself was a toy the client purchased. That is the easiest way to do character themed cakes. I have contacted a couple sports teams to get premission to use their logo/mascot and every one has given it to me. So it is possible.
I like to use: 1 Box No pudding 1 Small Box (I think 3.9 oz) pudding or jello 1 cup liquid (milk is usually the liquid but depending on the flavor it might be orange juice, pineapple juice...) 1 cup sour cream 1 cup all purpose flour 1 cup caster sugar (white sugar) 1/3 cup canola oil 4 eggs I add all the liquid, sourcream and eggs to the bowl first, then all the non liquid ingredients next. If I put the non liquid ingredients in first then there is always some that...
For champagne color I use Wilton Ivory. Just keep adding a little at a time until you get the color shade you want.
I would create the pleats out of fondant. For the icing part, I would use white chocolate ganache. Ganache holds up better to the weight of fondant than buttercream.
 My local Ford car dealership doesn't build their own cars, but I don't think they would like to set up a Honda table in their lobby. I don't see how a restaurant (and Starbucks is considered a restaurant) would be okay with an outside source bringing in food.In 7 years no one has said anything negative about my business being in my house. Now, when people leave - who knows what is said. But for 2014 I have a 94% booking rate, so I can't imagine most people care.
I don't know what my above post looks like the entire post is a quote. Only the top couple lines is a quote. The rest is my response.
It looks to me that the wrapped look on the top of the cake is just painted fondant. The hose is attached to the side we can't see in the pic. Maybe the fondant is 2 peices - one for the top (painted) and one wrapped around the side so the hose and side fondant is one piece. You can make the hose wrinkled by getting the shape you want and holding it there with paper towels for a couple days to harden up.
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