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 I use this support system for all my tiered cakes. The smallest I have done is a 2 tiered cake and the largest is a 9 tiered cake.I literally hammer the wooden dowels all the way through the cake and the cake drum. The one end is sharpened with a pencil sharpener, the other is flat and the flat side is the one I hammer. I cut the dowel to be ther entire height of the cake + .5" for the cake drum - 1.5". That way I know the dowels won't stick out the top of the cake.
 I use regular drinking size straws.
Just wondering if you figured out what happened that made your last cake callapse. Were the straws all the exact same length? Was the cake moved once set up at the venue? Knowing what went wrong last time will help you prevent the same from happening this time.
 I would do the exact same thing as you except I would stack everything Friday night. I like having my cakes finished the night before so if anything happens I have to time to fix/make new.I use bubble tea straws which I think is the same as the boba straws mentioned in your post. I also use the same number of straws as you per tier.For my cakes, instead of 1 wooden dowel, I hammer 2 offset dowels through the cake. Make sure the dowels are long enough to go through the...
I don't box my cakes when I deliver them. At least, not a box with a lid. I do put the cakes in a cake box with the lid removed just so nothing bumps the cake. This gives the cakes time to dry during delivery. I use the same buttercream as you. I have never had any problems. Even in condensation does form, the icing has never melted or bled.
If you use to much powdered sugar you can mix in some shortening with the fondant to prevent cracks.
I would have charged $50 for the cake. But that is what my area of the country can handle. Some areas less, others more. Depending on how much time/money you have for fondant I would suggest Massa Grischuna Neutral found at I have used several different types of fondant, even made my own for a while, and this is by far the best. Now, for a few suggestions: 1. Intead of buttercream try icing your fondant covered cakes in...
 Yes, you would add more powdered sugar to your icing to make it stiffer.
You might want to look into purchasing Sharon Sugar Shack's buttercream icing and stacking video. She walks you through the whole process. I have it and it has been so helpful. A dam is a stiff buttercream that is piped all along the edge of the cake. That holds in the filling. Also, I like to let my filled cakes settle overnight wrapped in saran wrap in my fridge. That helps get any air out that is trapped between the cake/filling layers that can cause icing...
When I fill a cake I pipe a thick dam from buttercream, fill the cake and let the cake settle over night in my fridge (I wrap the cake with saran wrap). Also, instead of icing the cake with buttercream I use white chocolate ganache on all my fondant covered cakes. The ganache holds up to the weight of fondant really well. Try and roll the fondant very thin. I like mine to be 1/16" thick. I can almost see though it when rolled that thin.
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