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hi does anyone know where you can buy paper disposable cake pans rectangular and round shapes approx 10" width and 3" depth?   thanks!
cool, that's kinda what I had thought. I have had a good look at lots of the pictures on cc and I am thinking I might cover the board in camo colours and the cakes (2 +1) in say green then leave a space at the front of the board to do a dog tag, the guitar, an army helmet and what ever else I can think of for guitar/army theme.thanks for all your help!!
Hi everyone. I am doing a 21st cake for a guy. He is in the army and loves playing guitar so his mum has asked for this type of theme. I had thought something with camoflauge and the guitar, they want a "21". What is the best way to do camoflauge? does anyone have any suggestions on how I could decorate this cake? Getting a bit frustrated with 2 different themes, would appreciate any help. Thanks Sheryl
thanks, what a gorgeous picture!
thanks for your help. JanH you are a wealth of info when it comes to past posts!!!
sorry, what do you mean by "bump"?
I need to make a bear bride and groom for a wedding cake. Am I best to make the beears then dress them or dress them when I make them? if that makes sense so should I make the suit arms as the arms of the groom or make an arm and then cover it with black after to make the suit sleeve?thanks!
hi, not sure about the packet mixes but the chocolate cake recipe I use has oil not butter and it's great can last for 7-10 days still nice and fresh.
i haven't tried it but one of my books suggests gelatine for sand. Not sure if it would taste any good though.
HiI am new here but have had a bit of experience decorating. I have a friend wanting a netball and a rugby ball shaped cake(s) made in fruit, I think the cake would be too heavy to keep its shape and we should stick with chocolate, what do you think? Thanks
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